Crystal Sine Cathedral, art by Norman E. Masters


Vestibule -- Introduction to *COSMIC WIND* and *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*

Portal 1 -- Adaptation from Trimorphic Protennoia as an Introduction to *COSMIC MOTHER, WISDOM'S LOVERS*

Portal 2 -- Webrings, Quotes


         l)  Friend
         2)  Psalm Of Peace
         3)  In Celebration Of Faith
         4)  YOU! Manifest-oh!
         5)  The Light Of Love
         6)  The Light Of Peace
         7)  *shalom*
         8)  The Light Of Hope

       Wuyu, Frank John Culley

         l)  Whose Body Is Full Of Light
         2)  Celebrating Coming Of Age
         3)  Hypostasis Of The Soft Way
         4)  Tao Te Ching 1, Revisited
         5)  Proto-Gospel, Trust The Great River
         6)  Wet-Nurse To All Beings; Mother Love
         7)  Conversatio Morum
         8)  Veils Slip...
         9)  Spirit Falls Upon This Man
        10)  Were One To Speak From One's Heart
        11)  Hard To Know What To Say
        12)  No Mystery More Awesome Than Friendship
        13)  Mutual Abiding In Each Other
        14)  How Long Have You Been In Our Midst And Close
        l5)  Waterway
        l6)  In Your Flow
        l7)  The Impunity Of All Things Is Fraught With Power
        l8)  From The Words Of Hafiz
        l9)  Dreams
        20)  In The Land Of Erotic Dreams
        21)  Scars & Body Memory
        22)  Brother Despair, Sister Depression
        23)  Bud-Bonds Soften
        24)  Spirit Comes...
        25)  Some Short Words
        26)  In The House Of Remembrance
        27)  Paranoia
        28)  For In Hym Dwellith

       Norea St. John

         1)  Our Mother Who Art...
         2)  In The Light's Delight
         3)  Who Will Walk The Sunpaths Of Eternity?
         4)  The Manna Of Heaven
         5)  Seed Of The Promise Divine
         6)  o Heart So Bright With Promise
         7)  Apotheosis
         8)  *Dream Angels*
         9)  Into The Pleroma of Light
        10)  *Childe Of Light*
        11)  Sophia Speaks
        12)  A Touch Of Peace
        13)  Out of the Silence
        14)  moonshadows
        15)  The Wine of Eternity
        16)  Come Into the Light of Bliss
        17)  In The Garden of Sophia
        18)  Gladly Receive Her Beneficience
        19)  angel*whispers i
        20)  The Eucharist of Love
        21)  Infinite Complexities, Ever Deepening Mysteries
        22)  angel*whispers ii
        23)  Gleams of Light
        24)  This New Day
        25)  from The Nectar of Eternity
        26)  Child of Time
        27)  Womb of Eden
        28)  i am the rainbow of love inside you
        29)  Divine Singers, Awonder
        30)  Wisdom's Joy
        31)  The Awakened Heart
        32)  Children of Wisdom's Truth
        33)  The Golden Transition
        34)  Home To The Heart's Open Welcoming
        35)  She Is The Creating Power
        36)  A Kiss Of Presence
        37)  Heart's Remembrance
        38)  Singing Your Essence Into Being
        39)  I Am The Dance Of Time
        40)  Evolving The Fullness

       Eric Ashford

         1)  A Few Simple Words About Love
         2)  This Secret Name Of You
         3)  Prelude And Cadence
         4)  Sermon Of The Heart
         5)  This Flower Is Love
         6)  One
         7)  Love's Way In You
         8)  Earth Singing
         8)  Silence Is Our Answer
        10)  Incandescence
        11)  Your Romantic Life
        12)  In Praise Of Darkness
        13)  Dawn Goddess In A Sentient Seascape
        14)  I Hear The Honey In You
        15)  Autumn
        16)  You Are The Future In This Moment
        17)  The Work Of Love
        18)  The Music Of Inspiration
        19)  Nothing Else Matters
        20)  Breakthrough
        21)  Naming Yourself
        22)  Holding On
        23)  I Only Have Eyes For You
        24)  Light
        25)  Because I Am You
        26)  She Speaks
        27)  Arise
        28)  Embodiments
        29)  Love Is The Great Unlearning
        30)  Prayer Sutra
        31)  Boundaries On The Spiritual Path
        32)  Beauty
        33)  Companions Of The Heart
        34)  Connections
        35)  Pushing Against The Path
        36)  Evening Song 38
        37)  Returning
        38)  Sailing Into Yourself
        39)  I Am
        40)  Nothing Else Matters But This

       Merry Hall

         1)  Chalices of Love, Chroniclers of Eternity
         2)  We Are Sacrament         
         3)  My Yes
         4)  The Paradox Of Naming
         5)  Love Is Our Surround
         6)  Eternal Daughter of Spirit
         7)  I am...
         8)  Motherhood
         9)  We Are A Living Mirror
        10)  Symphony of Stars
        11)  Living Earth
        12)  Sophia, Our Inward Wisdom
        13)  Sophia Rising
        14)  Cycles
        15)  Dance of Becoming

       Burl Hall

         1)  Seeding Freedom
         2)  She Is Creativity; Sophia Conceives Me
         3)  I Am Born of Creative Wisdom
         4)  We Are One Dance
         5)  The Nakedness of True Being
         6)  The End of Time
         7)  Maternal Love
         8)  Enlightenment
         9)  Mirrors of Mind
        10)  Sophia's Color
        11)  The Essence of Presence
        12)  The Spiritual and the Sensual
        13)  All Things In Life Are Sacred
        14)  Entering Her Womb of Silence
        15)  Nestled in Infinity
        16)  Be Naked In Your Essence
        17)  The Lord's Kiss
        18)  Sophia Is Pure Sweetness
        19)  Knowledge of Woman is Knowledge of All
        20)  Matter Is Condensed Spirit
        21)  One Dreamer Dreaming Infinity
        22)  Sophia Is The Basis Of Imagination
        23)  Immeasureable Sophia
        24)  Sophia, Incarnate as Lord Jesus
        25)  Within Spirit, Spirit Within

       Rita Adan -- Visions & Divine Connectings: Issa, Magdalen & the Great Mother

        Contents Page
         1)  Forsake Not
         2)  Great Mother's Words
         3)  Goddess As Madonna
         4)  Magdalen Speaks
         5)  Knowing Magdalene
         6)  Bliss
         7)  Visions & Talks With Mary Magdalen and Issa
         8)  Heart Journey
         9)  Human Consciousness Is In The Birth Canal
        10)  Shards of the Holy Mirror, the Great Mother
        11)  Sanctuary
        12)  Slumber

       *Experiencing Mary Magdalene*
        Contents Page
         1)  Begin the Story of Love
         2)  All Our Closenesses Remembered
         3)  The Passion Of Our Love
         4)  Yeshua Upon Mary Magdalene
         5)  Heart-Trysting
         6)  His Eyes Twinkled...
         7)  Yeshua and Mirya
         8)  A Secret Ambience
         9)  Once Upon A Timelessness
        10)  Love Croonings to Mary Magdalene
        11)  Mary Magdalene, Chalice of Divine Love
        12)  In the Heart of the Mystical Rose
        13)  Spouse of Heaven, Come to Earth
        14)  The Wounded Flood
        15)  Once Upon An Eostre Morning        
        16)  How Often She Would Remember
        17)  His Gaze Upon The Sea
        18)  Living Mirror of Divine Bliss
        19)  Mystic Heart Moment With Magdalene
        20)  To Enter The Deeper Sanctities

       Wynn Manners Poetry

         1)  in the eternal shining
         2)  at the heart of the mystery
         3)  the mystery of existence
         4)  this night*eyed dreamer, woo*man...
         5)  song of the heart ascending
         6)  we are divinities, descended into flesh...
         7)  i am...
         8)  what is grace?
         9)  the eternal planting
        10)  what wonders yet to be borne?
        11)  copulating infinities
        12)  vision tapestry
        13)  dance of infinity into time
        14)  eternity touching in
        15)  embrace wisdom!
        16)  all becomes...
        17)  ambrosia of the eternals
        18)  my head upon your bosom
        19)  you are dressed in radiances, beloved
        20)  bride of light
        21)  lover of my numinosities
        22)  bridegroom of eternity, bride who is eternity
        23)  lost in your boundlessness...
        24)  open unto me, living mystery...
        25)  sophia *sizzles*!
        26)  you are the dance of stars
        27)  shekhinah of the eternal glories
        28)  the slow ascendance
        29)  shekhina celestia
        30)  from the depths of her wisdom
        31)  vision of the mystic on earth
        32)  veils within veils
        33)  yoni of dream
        34)  all our togethernesses
        35)  she is the matrix
        36)  spirit of all that lives
        37)  heartspeak in the closet of solitude
        38)  you conceal yourself, you reveal yourself
        39)  what awakening this?
        40)  the infinite beatitudes
        41)  remembrance
        42)  to be enrapt in your wonder
        43)  moon wonder
        44)  who are you?
        45)  i am who caused you
        46)  she cradles the virgin sign
        47)  you inweave all being
        48)  you whirlwing me in
        49)  our dance
        50)  in the sacramental stillness
        51)  women of her spirit, sacred vessels
        52)  ever we
        53)  shakti!
        54)  this dance
        55)  bride of divine delight
        56)  light caressing light
        57)  your cosmic heart come home
        58)  heavenly wisdom
        59)  wisdom is our sanctuary
        60)  she is the flux of creativity
        61)  all the intricacies of her matrix
        62)  tapestry of interweaving life-streams
        63)  be...
        64)  her flame mysteries burn!
        65)  in the brightness of her shining
        66)  the bright dark of her mystery
        67)  your mystic presence
        68)  time is your womb of change
        69)  sophia speaks:
        70)  into the infinite sea of you
        71)  wisdom watches over me
        72)  you are the alchemy of change, beloved
        73)  your dance of time
        74)  i keep coming back to you!
        75)  unravelling the last knot
        76)  a lick of flame
        77)  you jizm my internity
        78)  beauty's blossom of delight
        79)  all the obscure disguises of living mystery
        80)  knowing her
        81)  in your fullness
        82)  unseal within me, beloved
        83)  in the circle of eternal stillness
        84)  voice who whispers        85)  she
        86)  this passion of knowing
        87)  your chalice of love runs over
        88)  humanized by joy, divinized by compassion
        89)  endless mystique
        90)  spring freshets
        91)  like a morning fragrance on the wind
        92)  sweet union
        93)  enwrapped in her!
        94)  every day is sabbath in you
        95)  mouth of causeless cause
        96)  you! you! you!
        97)  luminous woman invites you
        98)  yoni valley of paradise
        99)  mothwings & starfire
       100)  she, in whose loving we were born

       *Embracing Sophia* -- Wynn Manners Poetry, continued
        Contents Page
       101)  I Am Isis, I Am Sophia
       102)  Angel of My Midnight Musings
       103)  Living Mystery, Light Eternal
       104)  Rooted In Her
       105)  moonlight and laughter
       106)  heartbeat of forever
       107)  Your Web of Infinite Fineness
       108)  How Delectable You Are
       109)  chalice
       110)  Strange Felicities
       111)  Translucent Moments With You
       112)  WithYou
       113)  You are the only dance to go to
       114)  Seer*Cry Out of the Secrecies
       115)  Upon the Loom of Time        
       116)  awakening...
       117)  Dancing the Divine Yes!
       118)  deep inweaving...
       119)  Come to me on Spirit's wings
       120)  In the Heart of the Mystical Rose
       121)  Into Your Immensitudes        
       122)  just this YES!
       123)  Knocking At The Door Of Your Heart
       124)  Be Her Loving
       125)  You verify me...                               

       Wynn Manners Prose

         1)  Why Has Much Of The Established Christian Church Denied Sophia's Existence?
         2)  Why Has Mainstream Christianity Ignored The Divine Feminine?
         3)  Why Has Sophia's Existence Been Mysteriously Obscured?
         4)  Why Suffering? ~~ The Divine Travail, The Problem Of Theodicy
         5)  Why Multiplicity?
         6)  Faith In *What*?
         7)  Benediction For The Transition
         8)  Who Loves Me And Understands Me, Anyway?
         9)  We Are Inseparable
        10)  Portal Into Infinity
        11)  Radiances Lick All Through Me
        12)  The Great Adventure
        13)  Your Undulating Dance
        14)  Embosom Me As Your Blossoming
        15)  Flame Of *Your* Flaming, Beloved
        16)  Cadent Lightfall
        17)  This Hope, Reborne
        18)  Who Blesses?
        19)  Truth In Beauty, Beauty In Truth
        20)  To InterWeave In You
        21)  The Divine As An Eternal Child
        22)  Childe Of The Universes
        23)  Thru The Alchemy Of Time
        24)  Like A Dancing Angel, Within...
        25)  A Whisper Of The Future
        26)  Portal To The Beyond
        27)  Mystery Keeps It Open-Ended
        28)  Awaken, Memory!
        29)  Endlessly Alluring Sophia
        30)  To Dive Into The Ocean Of You
        31)  All This Blossoming Miracle...
        32)  Come To Me Now...
        33)  You Are The Banquet Divine, Beloved
        34)  Flaming In The Heart Of You!
        35)  Dance Of The Moment
        36)  Caress The Eternal In Your Soul
        37)  Between The Silences... Something Of Forever
        38)  Your Garment Of Time
        39)  Sacrament of Sacraments
        40)  In Her Immensitudes
        41)  Each New Dawn
        42)  Prelude
        43)  A Shared Ideal
        44)  The Time Spirit
        45)  Love Oracle
        46)  Who Is Wisdom?

       Michael Tobin Essays

        Contents Page

         1)  A Divine Whisper, The Way Of Spirit
         2)  Mind Of Spirit
         3)  Vision Majestic
         4)  The New Humanity, The Children Of Spirit
         5)  What Are We Here On Earth For?
         6)  Creative Genius, The Value Of Working Silence
         7)  The Solarizing Of Humanity

       *VISION VOICES* -- Anthology

        Contents Page

         1)  Letter To A Friend                              (letter) by Harvey Green
         2)  A Renewed Society                                (essay) by Karen I. Olsen
         3)  From the Greek Version of *The Odes Of Solomon*   (poem) by Frank John Culley
         4)  Trembling In The Veil                             (poem) by Frank John Culley
         5)  Is There A Week Not Holy?                         (poem) by Frank John Culley
         6)  This Alone Do We Know                             (poem) by Frank John Culley
         7)  Hymn Of Light                   (ancient Manichean hymn)
         8)  A Vignette                                       (proem) by Pauline Fox
         9)  Virgin Speech                                     (poem) by Pauline Fox
        10)  What Have We The Vision To Be                (poem &...) by Richard A. Slaughter
                                                                       & Michael Tobin
        11)  Learn To Live In Eternity                        (essay) by Michael Tobin
        12)  The Twelve Deeps                                         from The Gnosis of the Light
        13)  The Mother Of God                                 (poem) by Sri Aurobindo
        14)  Ten Rather Firm Suggestions    (Sophia's replacement for the archaic Ten Commandments)                                                                                          
thru Andrew Harvey 15) Essence (poem) by Frank John Culley 16) My Friend Joy (letter) by Harvey Green 17) What Is Grace? (e-mail response) by Melanie J. Carroll 18) We Still Have Time... If... (essay) by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles 19) The Wedding Song of Wisdom (ancient poem & commentary) by G. R. S. Mead 20) *beauty* (poem) by Cathie ManyVeils 21) The Start And The End (story/proem) by Melanie J. Carroll 22) Invocation To Sophia (poem) by Eric J. Ashford *VISION VOICES 2* -- Anthology Contents Page 1) Let Me Come To You (poem) by Philo 2) She Pervades And Penetrates All Things (scripture) attributed to Solomon 3) I Am A Goddess Worshipping Christian (womanifesto) by Cathie ManyVeils 4) What Is A Goddess? (essay) by Genie Webster 5) *Feel* The Flesh Of Goddess (poem) by Wynn Manners 6) Amber Glow (song) by Sue Peek 7) Through The Light (remembrance) by Mellen-Thomas Benedict 8) How Can Romantic Love Manifest As A Path To The Divine? (contemplation) by NeM 9) Please Tell Me Who You Are (poem) by Eric Ashford 10) Striking Your One Note (poem) by Eric Ashford 11) I AM - Inspiration (inspiration) by Sharon Pacione 12) Meditation On Sophia (meditation) by Burl Hall 13) The Story Of Creation (proem) by PhiloSophia 14) Charge Of The Goddess Of Wisdom (guidance) by Authoress Unknown 15) Naming God Female (essay) by Gaia D 16) One Child Of Us Both (poem) by Eric Ashford 17) Be-ing: In Your Embrace (contemplation) by Deanne Quarrie 18) Seeking You, O Holy Wisdom (2 poems) by Brandrui 19) In The Womb Of Goddess (poem) by Merry Hall 20) Out of Her Came the Father of All (contemplation) by Dee Burgess 21) Spirit and Wisdom (contemplation & poem) by Mychael Zagreus 22) i am that which awaits your welcome (poem) by Josie Kane 23) Imagine You're Light (poem) by Steve Toth 24) Dream of Light (poem) by Rita Adan 25) Isis (poem) by Eric Ashford 26) Maya, A Dream (poem) by Cathie ManyVeils 27) Lady Of Your House (poem) by Eric Ashford 28) Time Is Your Mystic Dance (poem & reflection) by Wynn Manners & Ananda Ananda *EXPERIENCING SOPHIA* -- Anthology Contents Page 1) Sophia's Presence (visionary experience) by Burl B. Hall 2) Isis Encountering (visionary experience) by Eric Ashford 3) Seeing Sophia: An Archetypal Dream (visionary dream) by Lynea Search 4) Kenotic Sophia Dream (visionary dream) by Lynea Search 5) Mary Magdalene, Christ's Ananda... (e-mail and chat) by Ananda Ananda 6) Upon Wings Of Wisdom (e-mails) by Aurora Terrenus 7) Near Death Experience of Sophia (visionary experiences) by Victor Michael Lashewitz 8) Vehicles To Sophia (visionary dream) by Dave Reeder 9) "I am the One they pray to..." (post to Gnostic Thought) by George Harvey 10) All Her Tenderness (e-mail with dream) by Ted Meisner *GNOSTIC TRANSITIONS* -- Anthology Contents Page 1) Spirit of Oneness (poem) by Sharon Alder 2) Love Divine Wisdom (contemplation) by Myke Zagreus 3) Song of the First Mother (visionary dream) by Sharon Alder 4) Opening To Union (contemplation) by Myke Zagreus 5) On Spiritual Evolution (essay extract) by Sri Aurobindo 6) Song of the Ancient (poem) by Sharon Alder 7) Personal Wisdom (contemplation) by Myke Zagreus 8) Helping God (letter extract) by George Bernard Shaw *SOPHIA LINKS 1* *SOPHIA LINKS 2* What's New Web Rings *Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers* belongs to: 1) Thoughts Of Wisdom Web Rings 2 -- New Age 1) The Ring Of Inspiration 2) Lightworkers 3) Universal Light GuestBook Read Sign E-Mail Wynn