Lady Nada

Lady Nada
Art by Unknown

~ Magdalen Speaks ~

Magdalen Speaks: I am the invisible waters The wellspring flows through me The sacred river flows through my garden The ancient rose at the farthest corner of a secret garden That is me! All the flowers there sprang from Great Mother's roots! I am the deepest roots I am hidden mother I am loyal companion trustworthy Beloved Sister too Let others be called Goddess! Call me friend~ Some call me Nurturer~ their souls hungry Teacher of their dreams, formless energy I will remind them of their blessed divinity! Heirs of their own sacred fires Christess arise and Go Forth! ~ Christed Brother walk as equal with your Sisters in every way possible! I offer my assistance to you too~ My words some men have tried to erase from history My energy *Dances Light* around them swirling! And they are forever changed Awakening and ascending! I am back upon the earth everywhere and sometimes nowhere A face you may give me as you see fit As you need me, yearn for me, call me I will be beside you

~by Rita Adan
Copyright 12/06/05

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