Aura Gloriae

Aura Gloriae
Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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lost in your boundlessness...

what am i but a flickering of the holy flame of life
dancing with the universe, with*in* the universe,
a whirling & twirling of mind, sight's lingering caress,
music pulsing the heart*speak, touching-in here, tasting there,
body & thought naked into time, memories like the fragrance of
violets, lilac, heather, arnica, pine, cinnamon, clove, lime...
while galaxies are interpenetrating -- experiencing what cosmic ecstasies?
what rush of flaming raptures? intergalactically ravishing each other...
stellar bodies... solar climaxes... black holes swallowing star*seeds...

& just in thinking the thoughts -- it is all happening *inside* me...
all that Outside, now inside in the perceiving...
inturned... heart burning, heart of the cosmos mirrored within,
at the center of the cross of time, Thea Passionata, You are the flame in my heart

heartflame ascending, sprouting wings to fly forever
mounting higher & higher upon wings of imagination's fullest freedom
a wildling one, son of the sun, singing Your Mystery... all bonds gone...

Your face, Sapientia, is written in stars -- constellating the heiroglyphics
of all my longings to be plunging ever deeper & deeper into Your Numinosity
into Your eyes, Your awesome luminosity -- deep & infinite wells --
no less can fill this yearning, until... with a wink of Your cosmic eye,
its pupil a hymen of light, i am passing thru... into the infinite depths of You
infinities upon infinitudes, bewildering to the imagination's larger emancipation

Completely immersed in Your all-generating Love, Beloved,
loosing myself in Your sacred luminosity, united with You,
Sophia Amorata... Rosa Mystica... Numinosa Sapientia... Virgin of the Light...
Mother of the Universes... Your ultimate Truth alone exists...
and every human fantasy is a part of it, begotten
to nurture us unto Your ultimate bliss...
in the radiance of Your smile, in the Divine Face
of Your calm look that compels me to ecstasy

i am lost in Your boundlessness, all-blissing,
i am found in Your sacred Yes! all-blessing,
i am immersed in Your nectar-filled ocean of benevolence
pleasuring in You pleasuring me, all-pleasingly
let me pleasure *You* in measureless abundance


~~wynn manners

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