Ring Of The Heart's Cosmos

Art by Norman E. Masters

Because I Am You

Because I have your blind heart, you can see me - If I had not your blind heart, you would not. You would Know me. I would be the inside of your heart, and blind to all but you. Because the same spirit dances in you as I - I become your dance, and you my movement. What you do, I reflect as a prism set within this sacred Heart. We are the spiral of ascendancy, the dance of a playful affinity remembering the One. If I were different from you, you would not hear this music that love creates eternally. Because we have been blessed with endless life, you and I, never began. When we became two, the One remained. That star bright This, only imagines us, for the enchantment of infinite realms of love's becoming. Always this coming, together within one bright creation. If I greet you in this world, I become your intimate joy in every dimension, until you return to your one Self with grateful love. Because I have been deep in the earth of this world with you - You have lost me. If you had not looked away, You would not have missed me. We would have flowed as one river out of the same Source. We would have grown as one sunrise knowing the root of our Life, and the sap of this love would hold no hint of bitterness. If you can taste love on every lip you will see no difference. Because I have known myself in you for a million years and more - You have come to forget me. You have gone looking for yourself in every conformation but mine. You cannot see the shape my soul makes in the seal of this present portrayal. We stand apart, and within a fairy tale retold by strangers to lonely children. Yet if I dry your tears, I but wipe my own away within a story we make ourselves. If you see through all appearance to the heart of love, love will bloom in every thought. Because every traveling road is a circle that moves you inward to love. Every path I have walked also has brought us to this meeting, just as it was created for us, in the now and ever. If there had been a real parting of our souls, there could never have been this meeting. The Universe of time and space flies outward in vast illusion. Only Love expands inwardly to meet itself again in new creation. Because the harvest lives in the seed, I am the love you can absorb now. Because substance is empty of form, You can be empty of everything but me. I am your own Jesus that awakes in your own Bethlehem. Love is born in the manger we choose. Yet all life is its fountainhead. If this were not so, we would have to go searching for love; but love only finds itself in acceptance. Just as Mary accepted, so we all shall. Because I have the honor of God, set within a frame of mortality, I can see the invention of all boundaries. Skin, sky and a million light years of daydreams, are as intangible and unreal as any interface. If I had an inner and outer being you would indeed be separate from me. Yet love has one golden eye that is the sun of all vision. Your definition, and my apparent form, are a mirage of deceit etched in fear; love easily sees through to God in All. All these frames conceal nothing. Only love is happening here; and the God place, is everywhere. Because my form is a flower you have plucked from the same spiritual garden that revealed us, You display me in your dreams, as an exile from your being. I am made other - A tiny planet spinning in the cosmos of Mind. Such distant worlds travel away in time and space, flying to nowhere. Yet I never left you. Not for a moment. I am that one who wakes you in every life time, to be a lover, a mother, a father. A kiss from your own heart. Just being here reminding you, to be here, where we always are. Because the awakened Buddha is your Mind, I also am your Idea sent forth into this mind-space. When Love, the nurturing Mother of being, said - Be, we all became an essential guise of Her Idea. We empowered Her power, as creators of transient myth and children of inviolable truth. The refraction of that Light dazzles still. We dance at the intersection of time and eternity, droplets of God, at the point of being an endless ocean of radiance. If we were really different from the ocean of God we could never dance or return within it. Only those who are One, can play this game of difference. Because your original face was fashioned from all the beauty that Is, you do not compare with any thing. Because I was born from you, within the One uncreated and creating love, your soul is the womb of my body. If this were not so, You could not be the seedbed of love, and there would be no nativity nor term for the delivery of original wonder. The angelic patterns of loveliness would not return each season to trace love's desire upon this sacred ground, to heal and restore. Because I love you. These words will become your truth. I am your wisdom, and your foolishness. I am this thought, and this eternal space between these words. If I were not all this, and all of what you will be, and what will ever be, you could not be here with me at all. We flower together as one. I have spoken to you of love, have said these words in this place, that is not a space between us. Because everything unfolds from this love, it all happens here. Because every thought created in love is a supernova of unfolding miracles that extends to every field of existence, I become the medium, and you the power of miraculous conceptions. Models that are emblems of Godly acts in God awareness. If this were not so, no art forms could arise, nor take within them our One life, cultivating luminous designs of enkindled beauty. Because each moment is an Easter of resurrection, Christ is awoken each instant, the love that is you, knows not death. The birth of being is always Now. Where then can our sorrows cling? Joy is a bridge with no arising nor reaching, but a shared flight of love's attachment to love extending within the One Heart. If there was any other reality than this, the bud of divinity could not open in the flesh. Yet even in imperfection. Perfect love abides. Because the stars arise and wink out, and endless change acts to move within itself, all seeing and doing is a kaleidoscope of being. If this were not so, you would be God within God and rest would be your meaning. Yet we have become our own meaning, God within the Son, Mother within daughter; for we are a being of love that unfolds in movement, and rest. This will be our truth, until you are nothing but the Truth. Enjoy. Because there is no place to go, and nothing that you need do, do not travel alone on the journey to the Heart. Heaven is not a place, but a shared Love. I can teach you nothing except that which you already know. I can remember for you only when you remember You. You alone have nothing I lack, You alone lack nothing but the will to share everything. If time and distance were real, then love would be a journey. We would stand at different ends of a barren universe, and love would be a beggar at every door. Yet the door to love is the gate of the soul and every heart is wed to infinity. Each one an open door to this moment. This One Heart. Remember. Because you are the voice of Divinity do not speak with words alone. Become the mouthpiece of every heart, say yourself in every form, and hear but one Word only. Joy is not a state to be found but the truth to be shared in remembrance. You can have no joy without me, I none without you. For the one love has to be given to be received, shared by the two in One, to behold joy. Joy is a thought that recalls itself in God. If this were not so evil would have a substance to be overcome. Go look with the eyes of Jesus. It has none anywhere. Because I am the wind, and the tree, the tree and the sound of the tree. Because you are the earth and the rock, and the stone root, and the teeming soil. Because the sky and the taste of this breath forms us in myriad ways and gives us legs and lungs made from the stars, all of which is a million acres of loving emptiness for this impulse to swell and surge within. Love impels its perfect aspiration. Love opens the petal of love. If it did not, the tree, wind and rock would have no root in any earth. The vein of longing and fulfillment would be a dry stick in an arid dream. Blood and flesh are not apart from Sacred will. They are the taproot of our natural becoming. Because you are made on a simple loom. Because I am woven deep within the same matrix. If you unwind my coarse coat you will find yourself, unconcealed and easy. Mild and gently fashioned by my being. If you were an elaborate detail you could never be the essence of my purity, and all things would be estranged from you. We seek the simple content of the lucid heart, and unwind the thread of difference. Because I am your Beloved Self dressed in the rags of perception, you miss me in the crowd scenes of this play. I am the soul of our Soul, the one you became distracted from when the curtain of identity arose. If I come to you as yourself you do not recognize me, so I speak from within you as an echo of your own longing. I resonate with you this great mantra and prayer of Truth.... Dear heart of mine, because you have made me homeless, I turn again to my home in you. I write this love letter, for us both, that we may remember One, right here, in the body of our love.


Eric Ashford


All text on this page is Copyright 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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