Transitions 2

Transitions 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

She Speaks

When I sit and rest,
something of the Universe of Love
runs through me like a comet of fire.
Like an infinite Net of star-speak
and that language is a song of silence,
but not lacking sound
for it roars and rises and exalts
and thrills the bird in my heart to sing in unison.

When I rest the finger of my soul
upon the keyboard of endless connectivity,
then I am being channelled by a divine software -
a program that every intelligent spark of life
and joyful tongue of spirit speaks.
That animate utterance runs through me on eloquent feet
and doors open in the dark
and light is in me like the seed of the cosmos.

When I touch and reach
and when I am still like the space between lovers
and open like the space between desire
and ready like the space between two hands
then I am One in the voice of the Universal.
I am run through with the Intelligence of a Matrix
that is a glittering out in a soft down-pouring
of wonder
and I am the wonder and the delight
of countless worlds
that awaken and see each other
and begin to talk in the movements of love -
and flowering like suns
we create anew this God idea
and She speaks.


Eric Ashford


All text on this page is Copyright Nov. 17, 2003 by Eric J. Ashford.


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