Crystal Radiances

Art by Norman E. Masters





*** CONTENTS ***

1) A Divine Whisper, The Way of Spirit

...let us prepare ourselves for the Great Coming, for the New Dawn, for the Birth of real Love, Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Freedom which will make our... Earth a planetary Paradise...

2) Mind of Spirit

...we are not alone pioneers of a new kind, but we are also creators -- humanoids embodying in ourselves the divine capacities to create our own future within the framework of the Divine Design.

3) Vision Majestic

Every human being is an individual manifestation of Immanent Spirit in material form. And the Supreme Purpose of one's existence is to foster the fullest development of the specific spark of Primal Spiritual Quality Potential forming the core of each particular personality of our respective Psi-Streams.

4) The New Humanity, The Children Of Spirit

WE ARE manifestations of Cosmic Spirit, in general. But WE ARE manifestations of the Solar-Age Over-Soul, in particular. And all the Power of this developing Over-Soul is there for us to use -- provided we learn how to draw it and how best to use it. Let us never forget for a moment that each and every one of us has chosen to incarnate in the flesh of our present bodies at this most critical of moments in Earth history.

5) What Are We Here On Earth For?

This and nothing less is our real Destiny. We are both the Created and the Creators. Cosmic Spirit is not some distant god-out-there but is that Creative Power which works in and through all material processes including the phenomenon of our human kind.

6) Creative Genius; The Value Of Working Silence

...because it does tend to erode the well-worn grooves of the familiar and the accepted, the phenomenon of Genius is seldom welcomed and usually meets with negative attitudes from total indifference to outright hostility or even worse. Nevertheless, it is in and through Genius that real change of a local or a global character is initiated in human society.

7) The Solarizing of Humanity

Right now, Cosmic Spirit, in our own local terrestrial context, is seeking to express itself in a Solar-Age way through the medium of progressive humans -- in their thinking and collective efforts to promote true social change. It is this which forms the most fundamental evolutionary trend of our time...

Cosmic Mother, Wisdom's Lovers A Divine Whisper The Way Of Spirit