Birth Of Venus

Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser
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Dawn Goddess In A Sentient Seascape

The dawn goddess has brought me out of another dream shell. Pulled a body out of itself Turning it out of a hermit's home for land-locked killer whales And casting it back into the sea As this merman of me. Only a beautiful moon faced woman With breasts full blossomed in the milky waves of compassion Could have drawn this beached conch out of its self-dreams like this To be this seascape in the curl and crest of her beauty. Only a gentle love-making under the covers of darkness Can bring a sea creature back to the dawn surf And then transform him into spume and shower As this flying fish swimming in the belly of its own sky. Here where waters meet, he is her breath, Foam flown up in ecstasy And frothed upon her as a sea-surge of release In the power of her tidal flower pleasure That opens its drenching petals for the moon to drown within. Out and castaway from my seashore minding self To be the swell of her hips In the rolling play of this billow bloom of the ocean's bedspread Laid under and out for our pitching souls' delight And there brought up in a column of light's emission To be the seeding of sea-borne worlds. Everything is pregnant in her. Full-fetching in the waters of a living moon And flows out into the ocean's womb Where mermen plunge into the sea eggs of the sun To take berth in a vessel of nautical space-flight That is a beach-combing of light for her brow. I am a figure-head of a ship of prayer That pours out the waters of heaven into her body In the vast shimmering of stars. Free-falling in the deeps as a dawn of transformation To be this lubrication of a crescendo of luminescence Surmounting its summit in the splash and wash Of a cosmic flood. A mother of pearl sea-change of deva emancipation. This incubation of her own glow glistening wake Within my awakened flight and voyage Towed by a divine current into her open heart. In the fin flash ministry of a sea-mistress moment The corporal carapace of identity capsized Into a fluid cascade of a water-towering instant That strew wide-open flowers into wind-swept sea songs That buoyed me up into benedictions of unbounded boon favors. Pulled out of my care and contorted coil of personal being And unsheathed from the shell of myself. Her wave breaking open within a whitecap of wonder Tossed into the luster of a love-moon and diving up As a sea motif within her full-blown beautiful way. And gone from this self in a silvery spray.


Eric Ashford


All text on this page is Copyright July 15, 2003 by Eric J. Ashford.


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