HeartLight Linkages 3

HeartLight Linkages 3
Art by Norman E. Masters

I Only Have Eyes For You

Light is the daily illumination of God's vision in us. Just as the moon is lit by the sun, the world is lit by the heart. Without heart radiance the world is the dark side of the moon.

The seeing of God is the object of God, for everything can be seen in Her light; nothing really appears without this light. The mind is a lampshade that either covers or elucidates. The lucid visionary is the seer of God.

The heart must sing its song. It seeks God out in itself, to carol Her madrigal. That singing is Her shining vision in the world. It affirms - I only have eyes for you. Light seeks the echo of itself and finds God reflected there.

It attests to the miracle of light's nativity, revealing a Bethlehem of creation in every mindful gaze. The seeing of divinity is its own sacrament and confirmation. In daffodils and dog shit the risen Christ is revealed.

No matter where we are, we always have the perfect view. No walls or clouds can dim the perception when the eye of love shines. Time is not a road that leads anywhere, but a space to remember in. When we see only the present, we will witness Love in every particle and the countenance of Beauty in all things.

This everyday enlightenment is our extraordinary gift to each other. We open the look of love on every face to see the Beloved there. Seeing Her eyes, cast within that golden moment. Love is begotten of itself within rapt attention.

Look deeply into that which is laid before you, and the glory of unceasing dawn will be heaven sent from within. Your kith and kinship to Holiness disclosed upon the field of vision. This daily life a ceremony of angelic blessings brought forth with light's intent.

Seeing the apparel of love arrayed in diversity, heart flies to the heart of each inward sun, to be again, the nova of endless wonder. We all wake up in the one heart, and open a million soul windows to the world.

    The lover finds the Beloved
    in this moment only.
    Yesterday's bed is empty
    tomorrow the graves may be full.
    Love is the desire of now.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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