Ascent Descent

Ascent Descent
Art by Norman E. Masters

Yoni Valley of Paradise

Bare your breasts to the dawnlight, Beloved;
let each nipple be sun*kissed in the glory of this light...

Let my lips be the sun upon your breasts,
my tongue... with the heat of the sun,
sunstroking, licking the liking you
like this in the morning,
*your* deep-throated laughter like a song
as prelude to this loving...

Pressed against you, my secret meeting your secret...
wanting to share my secret with you...
in the whisper of momentous opening,
my secret bulging so,
your secret valleyed into mystery...
warmth ascending my secret,
your face flushing... your fingers guiding
my secret into the dew-drenched chalice of your secret...

I enter Your holiness quivering around me
i throb within You, o valley of paradise
til i am rooted deep into you in intimate fusion,
intricately exquisite motion, this state of transition.

For You are the multidimensional gateway,
& loving You is a passage thru Your portal
to other worlds, worlds swirling
around within You, whirling into me... secretly...
& the parallel dimensions are merging in,
maneuvering thru collapsing time
as You take me into forever... for You
are the cosmic rhythm of Goddess,
You are Her living music into flesh
& i am *in* Her music playing me so delightsomely,
riding the Waves Called Now into the expanding space
of Your ecstasy... in our climaxing
-- Light-*Seed*ing Sophia! --
there is only this moment of apotheosis -- forever NOW!

& i will weave a garland of stars for You
to remember how brightly our love shines
in the firmament of each other.

Sacred is the fruit of Thy Womb, Mother of Life,
& holy the womb that bore the fruit of life, eternal...
loving beings, living worlds, living stars, living universes.

Yours is the energy that connects all things,
energy in endless transformation, as one universe
metamorphosizes into another, Your Presence
the agent of Change, mutating consciousness,

Energy of Life fructifying the Body of the Great Goddess.

~~wynn manners

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