Goddess Creation

Goddess Creation
Art by Norman E. Masters

Seeding Freedom

The Morning Star arises in the East sky, leading the Sun into His birth. Love fills my eyes in the glory of the new day. Darkness radiates Light and Light impregnates the Dark. In the darkness of my depths I carry the seed of humanity. That seed unfolds at the loving touch of the Father's rays. It remains for me to be open to His love.

The original Mother, Adam-Eve, is thought to be an historical man and woman, existing in time much as Abraham Lincoln is thought to exist in time. I say Adam-Eve is the depths of my Soul in Her naked primacy. Adam-Eve is as much alive as (S)He was at the beginning of the Bible. To know my Son-Daughter-ship in God is to know that when the Lord said, "Let there be light," I flowed forth, not in times past, but here and now.

As a child, I began experiencing my life in the here and now as a light emerging from nowhere. Today I know this as the Sunrise that is mirrored in all sunrises. My arising from the womb of Sophia is Genesis.

I am born of the Mother and Sophia permeates the air around me. Her presence is an immensity shining forth nakedly in the clouds, the sun, and the ground. Yet, Sophia is not any of these things. She saturates them and holds them within Herself just as I hold a thought in the vacancy of my mind.

There is a cloud of perceptions and conceptualizations of the self and the world that cloud over the naked innocence of Sophia. I imagine Sophia in History for my thoughts hide Her timeless eternity from view. These thoughts are the animal skins that have caused me to be banned from the Garden of Peace, which is Sophia. They keep me from my naked essence, my Nature. They bar me from freedom.

When I strip myself naked of my historical thoughts, there becomes known a shining deep within me that I know is the Ancestor of our ancestors.

From this Mother - Ground, I spring forth. This Mother - Ground shines forth within me not as a remnant of times past, but as the nature of my being. This makes no sense to the historical mind. To see it, one must dive deep.

7 Dec 2002

Sunrises are interplay
Of sense and scene
Illusion says they are outside
Where truth be known they are in me.

I am the voice of eons,
Creating worlds without end.
I arise not yesterday
But here and now within.

No two sunrises are exactly the same
These thoughts continually flow
The new world arises in an instant
Revealing seeds that have been sowed

13 Dec 2003


Burl B. Hall

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