Flowering Hope

Flowering Hope
Art by Norman E. Masters

Upon the Loom of Time

Her Spirit is bound to all wo/men,
Her Presence anoints with grace...

Our bodies are the living
visible garment of Her,
woven upon the loom of time
morphing thru lives
to consummation in Her.

Born curious & amazed
in the midst of all these wonders,
Heaven and Earth conjoin
inside our nexus of seeing...

Our lives, a journeying
& a struggling... a challenge
and an adventuring,
some with breathless expectation
others with fervid adoration,
beloved & loving...
pain & loss & gain,
bitterness & tears,
triumphs & regrets
beginning to see more deeply
into the unfathomable & all-pervading
domain of mystery that is every*here,

exploring the dim & infinitely
expanded regions that close-border
the impalpable... learning to experience
with senses beyond the normal five...
graced with truths that lead us
into beatific inspiration from those
with mystic qualities of insight,
blessing the gift of an expanding
wonderment... til the gift
seeded within us, buds to a blossoming
of awakening -- til we feel we are
enwrapped in the caress
of Shekhina's wings --
flying us Home, again,
into Her...

~~wynn manners

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