Golden Lattice Intricacies

Art by Norman E. Masters

In Praise Of Darkness

The spiritual Way, is a dark way. All seekers believe that they are seeking light, yet being the light itself, their seeking becomes the problem. A light that seeks, cannot see itself.

Underlying mythology, underlying religion, underlying spiritual enlightenment, underlying soul consciousness, is the Dark Mother. She is the impulse of creative expansion. Ever pregnant with inner movement. Light is born from Her darkness. That darkness is Her Majesty. For She Herself, is born from ineffable darkness that contains all the light that ever was, and ever shall be.

And so the Mother is the womb of darkness, and therefore light. Just as any mother, Her birthing is the birth of light. Be it a physical child, or a spiritual bringing forth. Her Word is the vibration of - Let there Be.

Have you considered this? Real darkness is without shadow. Only when there is light can there be shadow. It is the shadow that is the illusion of light, not darkness. It is wrong to say, in a spiritual sense, that only light is truth, is real. This is only a correct view when it applies to the phenomenal nature of shadow. Yet behind even the truth of light, there is the womb of darkness that is the Origin.

On whatever spiritual path you choose, when you go into yourself, never run away from the darkness. For the inner darkness of the soul, is like the earth. From it spring the beautiful incandescence that will become, in the right season, your soul's blossom.

Stay tilling that earth. Even though you seem to have gone blind, even though there seems no hope of light. Plow the soil of yourself until you feel the stirrings of the Mother under your sightless feet and hands.

In time you will be more aware of Her contractions. The soul begins to arouse itself and becomes Her opening. From the nurturing darkness, light issues naked in the seed of self awareness. The darkness has delivered you into the flowering of Her light.

The celebration of darkness is that She is the seed of light that is opened by your acceptance of Her. So do not go looking for light. Return to the Mother and learn to rest in Her womb again. Nothing gets born without Her, for She is the source of all light. Darkness is the space that contains all suns.

When you meet Her in that silent night.
The Beloved will uncover you darkly.
You will be found in the secret niche
of an impenetrable flame, that expands,
to fracture the seed of presence.

When you meet Her in that silent night.
In the cavern of her mercy,
You will ignite as a dark fire in the soul of souls.

When you meet Her in that silent night.
You will be overshadowed by love,
in the penumbra of inception.
You will cry out from the womb of desire
and you will be Her child reborn.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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