Light My Fire 2

Light My Fire 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

a lick of flame

i am a lick of the flame of Your Love, Beloved...
& You are the Living Fire Who animates me,
Who beats the very blood*speak thru the heat of this heart.

You are the Queen of Heaven, Who enraptures me,
come to Earth, all earthy, now... into all flesh...

Yet the stars themselves are still enwombed 
in Your Infinite Aye! All-seeing...

My life is a river of dreams & seemings
of uncountable blessings & blissings, 
of wendings & reflectings...
winding Home to be welCome!d 
into the boundless Ocean of Your "Yes!"

~~wynn manners
10.November.2003/ 3.February.2006

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