Kenotic Sophia

Kenotic Sophia
Art by Norman E. Masters


by Lynea Search

A second dream about what I believe to be an incarnation of Sophia occurred, perhaps significantly, while I was in post-operative pain from teeth extractions. Briefly, she was a teenager or young woman in a bombed-out looking area of the Balkans. She was emerging from the soil, dirty, and her "halo" as well as some "queenly"-looking clothing was disintegrating before my eyes. Simultaneously, two hands reached down from Heaven to receive these items. In my mind she was being voluntarily "squeezed" of her divinity. Her appearance was now brown and muddy. She kept repeating, with tearful intensity, "I am the Kenotic Sophia -- come, follow me." "Kenotic" I believe refers to a deity or deity-like figure voluntarily giving up their divine aspect; for example, when Jesus presumably gave up his divine side and consented to become crucified. A group of us watched as she finally removed the crown and traditional baby-blue clothing of the Blessed Virgin Mary, leaving her in a plain brown garment. We then all followed her away from the scene.

To me this dream is about Sophia's loving and ongoing return, a Love that prompts her to "drop" her divinity (or pseudo-divinity, in the case of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Proverbs 8ff also comes to mind, in which a very human figure called Wisdom is calling out at the crossroads for people to listen to her exhortations. I do believe that she is the Incarnate Sophia, whom I call Zoe, now a few years older. I don't know whether she is/was literally appearing in, say, Bosnia. Maybe she is the figure that the children at Medjugorge are seeing. Unlike the 1996 dream, I felt more sadness and awe than joy. But it was equally intense in its own way.

June 5, 2000

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