Shekhina Birthing The Cosmos

Shekhina Birthing The Cosmos
Art by Norman E. Masters

Nestled in Infinity

Nested within I am in the Beginning. There is naught here, in the beginning. No distinguishing signs of day or night. Infinity is collapsed in on Herself, less than the size of a mustard seed; She is greater than the greatest of universes.

More power is here in this condensation than exists in all the visible world. Her power is infinite, Her being without beginning or end. No beginning, no end, no size, no anything at all. She is the Black Hole of black holes. The pupil of an eye mirrors Her.

Concealed in this layered infinity I am. I am an invisible seed in the Mother. At an earlier age I felt myself a knot in the Mother's belly. I lay here uneventful. Floating. Not doing much of anything at all. My umbilical rises like an erect penis and disappears into infinity. I am nursed here. A flash occurs in the mist and I unfold. I am here, writing. This moment is conceived in the Mother, the Flash is the Father. I am. I kick and scream in being kicked out of Heaven. This is necessary for my desire, in the beginning, is to love the Mother and Father.

Long before I manifest I love the Mother. It is in this Love that I manifest, for in love there is born a subject-object, mother-child dichotomy. The flash is the Father, the Desire for my unfolding, the fertilizing Intelligence. The Father divides. The flash that I am... the Son, the Daughter. I am these. The Lover. It is as Lover that my desire is to return Home, to Her.

As a kid, I once watched my life unfold. Nestled in Infinity, I felt myself in a state of no-thing which was the state before birth and after death and was eternally Now. I then experienced a flash and poof; I was sitting there, looking at myself in a mirror. I keep coming back to the same experience.

Who are you and from where did you originate?


Burl B. Hall

March 14, 2001

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