Veils of Rainbow Mistic Yes!

Art by Norman E. Masters

Veils slip

Even when the veil slips
     never a full-faced presence

the mirror catches an image shard
     words wander
     hands never quite touch

always a gap
       sometimes quite narrow
     but still a gap.

A moment comes

     the veil lifted

     mirror shines clear

     words arrive, hands touch

     the gap is closed.

Time stops
    now slips through the crack.

 I come, full-headed back
    veil of time covers the moment.

For many years, I thought there were answers
    then wondered, what is the question.


Questions dry up, leaving wonder
    wonder gentles open silence.

Many years I spun about a vortex
    a center that seemed to hold.

One day the vortex
    holds nothing, nor can it.

At the center, dark and empty
     fear bores itself
    calm comes home.

Frank John Culley

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