Eye Into The Energy Matrix

Eye Into The Energy Matrix
Art by Norman E. Masters

Mystery Keeps It Open-Ended

Mystery keeps it open-ended.

We have to keep it open-ended to allow for all possibility.

We are each blessed with some measure of creative imagination. This comes of being "in the image" of the Divine... for certainly the Divine Power is *most* imaginative (consider the giraffe, the platypus, sub-microscopic intricacies).

Our imaginations are an *extension* of the Larger Divine Imagination; each human imagination is a pseudopod of God/dess's Imagination.

Imagination is *not* "demonic" or "mere fantasy" or "illusion". Imagination is the prelude to the Divine Creative Force, activating *thru* us. Imagining it is the first step towards finding the ways to bring such into *reality*. (Heavier than air aircraft, the computers we are communicating over, power by electricity, talking over a phone with someone almost anywhere in the world -- all *started* in some individuals' *imaginations*.)

Mystery keeps it open-ended for a *reason*. That reason is, at least in part, evolutional *growth*... spiritual expansion of being & awareness.

Many communications we receive from Beyond are enigmatic, tantalizingly provocative, almost inscrutable as to their real meaning.

We do receive a "future spill-down" over the thought-waves (sometimes into our dreams, sometimes as an image or a phrase repeating just before awakening) that impacts upon our "now" -- mutating it towards what-will-be. Always "now" -- but ever-changing... a part of the Mystery.

We get glimpses into a mortal world that is considered immortal; but because of the fragmentariness of the glimpses, we mis-conceive its nature. We conceive it within the parameters of what we *want* it to be -- rather than being more deeply aware of its real nature. But even that parallel-dimensional further mortal world is on the *way* to immortality.

Eons of the future filter into the now-consciousness of *some*. Eons of the past, likewise. This "now" is a synthesis of *all* of that -- the far distant, dimly discerned by a very few, futures... the far distant pasts, all of recorded history & remnants thereof... *and* the cross-dimensional flux, seeping in!

7 billion minds just *beginning* to encompass it all!

& when we are able to adequately synthesize *all* of it together, those who do so will have the innate power to be able to transport themselves to the furthest points in the universe -- pretty close to instantaneously!

~~ wynn manners

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