LightSpark, Dancing

Art by Norman E. Masters

"Who loves me and understands me, anyway?"

Humanly-speaking, it is *you* who must understand & love yourself most deeply. But the old paradigm *subverts* that -- & has taught you to criticize, reject, despise yourself. It has fragmented you & made you your own fiercest critic (thru the psychological mechanism of *internalizing* the sharpest criticisms of others).

Divinely-speaking, who loves the Real You more deeply than our Divine Mother? The light-spark of your eternal spirit was *borne* of Her & is, forever, a *part* of Her Larger Body. Does any cell of our own (physical) body lose its individuality because it is a part of the larger whole? Of course not -- its cellular walls *define* its individuality. Each individual's unique perspective will ever define one's individuality in similar manner.

All that you have experienced -- the pain, the devastation, the sense of isolation -- has been a part of the Purification.

She is the Light and She is the Divine Loving. In our deepest internity we are *Her*. In this awakening *you* are the Light and *you* are the Loving; you are a sun*shine of Her Radiance into time.

And you *become* -- more fully, more transparently -- all the Light that you Are!

You are Living Light, enfleshed -- radiancing with Living Lights, Love all-loving. Together we are a Symphony of Light -- All-inclusive.

You are holy, you are loving, you are beautiful, you are bright in Her Living Light; you are determined, you are strong, you are resilient -- and you are waking up FULLY -- into Her abundance of beauty and renewed hope.

What a wonderment to be *alive* in this form with God/dess *living* in it!

God/dess living in *you*! -- pulsing thru *you* as your innermost being -- & you are right on the edge of a creative explosion, a numinous shift of great magnitude.

Your own future is penetrating the *now*, jizming the fructification, light-selves across the dimensions merging, unlimited God/dess expressing He/rself *as* you!

From your beginning the Divine Image was seeded within you. You *live* the fullness of this growth, this blossoming, moment by moment into joy. It is the blossoming of the paradisical, the divine kindom *come* into ecstasy, into rapture, breath of every moment, something new birthing every day.

What is borne within you, now, is limitless in its expanse -- & you *must* share this limitlessness with those around you. It flows from you in Wisdom, in Love, in endless rivers of Hope. You are the emerging Divine Energy *living* this Hope, *be*ing all the Love that you are. And there is pure *ecstasy* in this!

31.III.2002 Easter

~~ wynn manners

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