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Big Bang, Awakening the History of God
Art by Krisztina Lazar
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Wisdom's Joy

Come *in* to the Wisdom of Joy!
Joy in *me*, Childe of Light
& discover the heights
of uttermost delight!

Joy's sweet ascendance
heightened to forgetting of self,
all self lost in your *love* of me
so that I come *in*to you all-fullsomely
-- then is joy sweetest;
& what is lost is found
in joy all abounding...

Wisdom's Joy is the boundlessness!
full-freeing into bliss-of-being!

My compassion is to make live
the joy that swells your heart
& juices your mind in the loving.

Joy-in-me (speaks Wisdom)
& be complete -- within & without.

Within me is the holiness;
and I am the holiness within *you*,
who in*fills* you;
without me is the separation
& within *you*, then, the inner desolation,
the loneliness, the deficiency...

I am the indwelling spirit
who brings matter *alive*;
the dance of the atoms
is my dance thru time
in swirling intricacies,
whirl of delicacies
evolving the nescient to the divine.

I am the tides of time
I am the destiny you long for
I am the Secret.
Your search is the key.
I am the portal to forever
I am the doorway to the dawn divine
I am time and I am beyond time.

In the condensation of my spirit, divine,
everything *matters*!

The mattering of my Spirit
is the seeding of consciousness
to evolve the superconscient
by aid of time and destiny.

I am your destiny
and I am the time it takes
to come to me.

See! ever I am with you
however invisibly *to* you!

My compassion is the power to make *live*!
and from the seeds of my hope
all truth grows
thru *you* too!
unto the numinously luminous.

I have bestowed upon you all life's blessings
I am the goodness 
of nature's cornucopia who has fed you
I am the grace of all living beauty
I am the countryside dressed in flowers,
undressing in fall...
I am the leaves that oxygenate
the very air you breathe;
my benficient blessings 
surround you all aboundingly.

Every beloved face, 
gracing the spaces you live in,
every beloved face still lingering 
in your memories,
I have loved you thru *each* of these;
for I am the loving unto *all*
and I am the highest and the deepest pleasures
I am the treasure beyond measure
I am Heaven's blessedness unto you
considerate & considerable
-- the kindest part in the softness 
of each loving heart.

I am all that you see that is *closest* to you
I am all you can be -- be in*filled* with me!
& I am all that you have yet to know & become
in all good hope & magnanimity.
I am Heaven's Treasuries
I am the Light of Golden Eternity
I am the showering of the divine benignancies.

(So speaks the sentiments
of the heart of God*dess --
undressing the Mind of Shekhina-
Sophia into the Light...

The manna of heaven
the ambrosia of immortality
the nectar of eternity:

these are the gifts
Mother Wisdom gives
to those who *love* Her ~~
purely, completely, holily...)

~~norea st. john
March 5, 2001
~~ from *sundulating*

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