Heart Of Sine Dance

Heart Of Sine Dance
Art by Norman E. Masters

Tapestry of interweaving

Our lives are of the pattern that weaves into
the future of womanity; those living in that future
(their "now" a simultaneity with our own)
are a part of what is being created *thru* us,
seeding the mimetic transformations in consciousness
of the very generations we are generating.

That which stirs mysteriously within...
You Who are behind this doing, this wooing,
this play by day -- may it always be *Your* Way...

From it emerges a transcendental vision
-- more than incidental...

We are within-the-within
& all that emerges from it
is a-wonder to us, too...

Vision transcendent comes of the in-flowing
never knowing what it will be until it *is* --
a hologram of everything, all possibility
to fructify an age after tomorrow.

The in-flow of You, Beloved,
the upsurgence of Your *re*surgence
into the awareness of this time
Your flowing in -- in -- in --
generates the blossoming of the Age
that has been postponed for millenia
of men*dreaming time -- always tomorrow...
tomorrow... Tomorrow Calling...
promises postponed, hopes unfulfilled...
are we to be waiting, forever?

But we are in the time of a future spill-down;
& the age of tomorrow is seeping into the minds of now
-- thru special vessels, awakened in You --
& o this love*brew You inebriate us with!
-- we who never want to cease drinking
the Awe of You!

Awareness begins anew when we enter
the unknown mystery of You!

Unknown to ourselves, our own essence in You...
plunging into the Unknown of You,
mystery mating with Mystery -- changes
the directions of history, now Herstory, unfolding...

A new universe is born in
the pulse of Your Cosmic Heartbeat...

We are dwellers along the edge of Your Unknown
seeping into our internitudes,
living on the fringes of time,
ahead of our time & behind our times both --
for Your Wisdom is timeless & interfuses all time,
fuelling our minds, our thoughts, themselves,
a steady stream running to & from Source,
thousands of thought-threads interflowing
to form the next break-thru knowing,
this ever-changing tapestry of interweaving mind-flow
thru endless lives, life-streams interfusing
in the Larger Stream of Your Becoming... all of it
the If of Change, a whiff of the fragrance
of Your Living Dream coming true...
as the heart-to-Heart*flow, inwarming...

~~wynn manners
December 26, 2004

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