Heart of the Cosmos

Art by Norman E. Masters


This perfect moment is a day of existence that you live without any memory self. You are aware; but that awareness carries no baggage, but is a silent birthing of presence in this love that has undressed you.

You have become that which you see. A wind blows through your soul; and you cannot be placed in either. You have arrived, but make no statement in the world. You have departed, but have remained as the presence of all things. You are the garments of visions, yet shine with utter transparency.

Dear heart, do not worry if this freedom seems to have left you still longing for its kisses. You were once the world, in the mouth of God. Stay as still and as fearless as you can; love will swallow you again and again until you are hopelessly absorbed.

Make yourself so sweet, that the Majesty of Light can no longer resist you. Take each breath and flow in and out of yourself until you lose all direction. This way, love will find you, without that you, that seeks it.

Remember, you have nothing to surrender that is worth keeping; and therefore this life is a game you cannot lose. Invite the Beloved of your heart to marry you to Her forms, that you can live this life within Her robes, as One.

You have nothing to live for but Love.
You have nothing to do but Love.
How beautiful are the souls
that share the soul of the Mother,
that are known to the Father
as the child of One.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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