Born Of The Light 2

Born Of The Light 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

heartbeat of forever

You are the breath of divinely fresh air that awakens me, Sophia;
You are my very heartbeat & my hope of forever.

o Mother of the Aeons, seductive Barbelo,
the dews of the eternal heavens glisten upon Your lips,
Your radiance suffuses them; they glow
as tiny prisms of living rainbows...
and now the rainbows are *dancing*!

Stretching across all Time and Space, Shekhina,
the stars, themselves, are a part of the Veil
of Your numinous Mystery;
all temporal changes across the ages
are the systole and diastole of Your heartbeat;
the interdimensional shifts are a winking of Your Divine Eye;
& i am but a mote of gleaming dream*stuff dancing in the Aye! of
Your all-blessing YES! -- graced by the bliss You bestow,
blitzed into wonder before the Awe of You...

~~wynn manners
~~from Inter*fusions

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