Holy The Light Center

Art by Norman E. Masters

In The Garden of Sophia

From your beginninglessness the Divine Image was seeded within you. You live the fullness of this growth, this blossoming, moment by moment into joy. It is the blossoming of the paradisical, the divine kindom come into ecstasy, into rapture, breath of every moment, something new birthing every day.

What is borne within you, now, is limitless in its expanse -- & you must share this limitlessness with those around you. It flows from you in Wisdom, in Love, in endless rivers of Hope. You are the emerging Divine Energy living this Hope, being all the Love that you are.

And there is pure ecstasy in this!

You live in the Garden of Goddess. You bring Her Light, Her Love, Her Wisdom, Her Truth & pour it out upon those who are with you.

It does not matter which human flowerings you tend in Her Gardens of Time, as long as you are pouring your loving into the ones who are before you.

Her Garden is expanding; Her Love is all-expansive. Awareness of Her numinosity is growing; our evolution in Her Spirit sows the loving that is the flowering.

O wise, Immortal Sparks of Divine Fire -- Light*Sparks of Sophia, dancing in the all-knowing wonders... What wonders are to be seen & felt, tasted and sung, in your raptures of transition, in each ascent of bliss?

The Outward Garment is withdrawn. Eternity reveals Her hidden Face from behind the Veils of time; & Your Eyes, Beloved, are an Opening into the Eternal World... O naked Eternity, your face of Light, Beloved! i am trembling to the very core of my being...

~~ norea st. john
easter day, 2002

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