Looking Up

Looking Up
art by Norman E. Masters

Experiencing Sophia


1.) Sophia's Presence
from Sophia's Web

by Burl B. Hall

"...the visions were not a silly childhood fantasy. I was wrong
when I labeled them such. They tied in with ancient mystical teachings
on the Holy Mother. The Power behind these visions entailed an
all-encompassing Awareness transcending any cultural or social boundaries.
That Power was the Power of everything."

2.) Isis Encountering
by Eric Ashford

"I am Sophia of a thousand names.
Consort to the flame of humanity.
The dove of loves' desiring."

3.) Seeing Sophia: An Archetypal Dream
by Lynea Search

"She 'answered' me that 'the Daughter is the new flesh of Christ.'
Enthralled, I then 'saw' the image of Jesus descend on the Daughter
and blend with her. She received a name, Zoe."

4.) Kenotic Sophia Dream
by Lynea Search

"To me this dream is about Sophia's loving and ongoing return,
a Love that prompts her to 'drop' her divinity
(or pseudo-divinity, in the case of the Blessed Virgin Mary)."

5.) Mary Magdalene, Christ's Ananda...
by Ananda Ananda

"But for others Sophia is no longer veiled in the personality of M M.
She becomes a Vibrational Key to connect to an aspect,
or a Vibrational Signature, of Divinity.
This is her essence: A vibrational Signature of Sophia."

6.) Upon Wings of Wisdom
by Aurora Terrenus

"It was like Light coming in the form of a female divinity.
She said, "I love you. Love me. I am Sophia." "

7.) Near Death Experience of Sophia
by Victor Michael Lashewitz

"Her voice spoke to me like the divine cosmic wisdom of a mother
that will always love her child (Spirit Children). "

8.) Vehicles To Sophia
by Dave Reeder

"She grabbed my hand and held it around her waist, and took me to what
looked like a balcony. As I looked over I saw all manner of vehicles..."

9.) "I am the One they pray to..."
by George Harvey

"I am the feminine part of the god/goddess of this planet. The Christians
disowned my other older names, but they needed the feminine aspect of God..."

10.) All Her Tenderness
by Ted Meisner

"I believe that She is using her "incarnated self" in Mary
to appear in apparitions all over the world within the past 20 years. ."

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