L'oubli de la passion

L'oubli de la passion
Art by Jean Delville


between Yeshua & Mirya

"Mary's amorous... you come resplendent for me..."

"You are the wind & I am the earth;
my heart is ready to tryst again..."

"When the wind is like wine with a fragrance divine
earth blossoms into petalled chalices, full-flowering..."

"Tell me why the light in the flower falls as passion."

"Rainbow me how you come close to the dance..."

"I want to be a rainbow of love inside you,
a living covenant of forever..."

"You were the slipsea untying the knots of my heart
when true love came to me with the heartbeat of promise."

"You are the Living Water, I am the spring..."

"You are a waterfall of compassion, cascading forever,
in infinite expectfulness, in sacramental sweetness.
Stars & moonbeams & meaningful rainbows tee-hee inside you."

"And with every tender meaning
your eyes are eyes of passion lit for me...
In the secrecies of night
your strokes of light intoxicate me...

"Time is caressing Eternity
and Eternity is your dance with me."

"Your fragrance is the fragrance of the night
intoxicating this light into ascendant delight.

"And we drink of the Light that is shining within us
to effervesce our ecstasies in sacramental sweetness..."

"Our lips, together, are in an amazement of Truth,
in harmony, my heartspeak, your soulspeak..."

"A spontaneous flow, in beauty, together...
bared wholly to each other..."

"Secrecy wraps around this enchantment
in our embrace...  You come to me
in the infinite Knowing...

"I want you inside me
to add the Last Mystery into
the heart of the rosepetals of my longing
in sweet sacramental union, in deep communion.

"I will take you into the folds of my Secrecies
and you will seed Mother Night, in Her Mystery...
Take me, Love, in a heartbeat!
Know me -- holily..."

"I unite with you
like a steady stream of healing,
flowing into the Cosmic Ocean of You, Beloved."

~~wynn manners
22 July 2006
Mary Magdalene Feast Day

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