Dark Goddess

Dark Goddess
Art by Norman E. Masters

Immeasureable Sophia

Hail to the immensureable Sophia. Sing praises to Her day and night. All thoughts and actions are directed towards Her. Live life in love of Her. Praise Her with every step. In close proximity to Her, I perform the strip-tease and surrender all that I own to Her. I sashay myself about and make Her lips water in yearning. I sacrifice everything in my life and ultimately give myself to Her. Is Sophia a gluttonous pig who eats Her Son? A Goddess whose teeth are bloodied from the devouring of the sacrifice? Ramakrishna says, "The world dissolves instantly upon touching Her white teeth attaining the realization of Her brilliant, translucent void." To sacrifice is to empty oneself and to "give it up," so to speak. When one is empty, one is in the Virgin State. To sacrifice is "to give up" and actually means "to make whole." When one is empty, one is full.

Sophia's vagina is infinity and births as well as devours the world. Ignorance, it is said in the Devi Gita, is in creation whereas knowledge is in the world's dissolution. Knowledge is the experience of Her AS HER. Knowledge is the realization of the Self in whom there is nothing separate. Yes, in the final act of sacrifice, one sits silent in the womb of Silence and finds one was never born nor has died at all. Marriage to Sophia means death in Sophia and ends the process of birth and death. Sophia is never born and never dies. She is Unmanifest. Marriage to Her means we are never born and never die. I see myself swallowed by Sophia's genitals... yet, this is but a yearning for a realization of who I am, for I am never outside of Sophia. Indeed, She is, in my individuality, my very Soul. I am She. When I sacrifice myself to Her, I find there is only She.

Burl is a dance. I am dissolved. In this dissolution, I find my eternal nature. One must die to oneself in getting to heaven.


Burl B. Hall

July 18, 2001

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