Flesh Temple Of Light

Art by Norman E. Masters

what wonders
yet to be borne?

o wonder of
the life*force
evolving higher thought
thru this delicacy of flesh

such strange signatures
of human forms
the life*force makes
in intricate mesh

each life ~ a time-squiggle
wriggling the love-nuzzling
guzzling nirvana with niggling 
intimations of something more...

dancing thru time
giggling our mating*meanings

what wonders 
yet to be borne?

light ~ irradiating existence
seeds of light, nourished within
extending awareness
delighting in delicate sensitivity
deepening sensibility
heightening vitality
fulfilling the numinous potential

pure feeling of Your naked flesh
revelling in the ecstasy of You
into me into You all-fullsomely

freeing the clear mind miraculously
revitalizing unconscious truths
as living logos borne
of the womb
of Mother Wisdom
                                ~~wynn manners

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