Cosmos Of You

Cosmos Of You
Art by Norman E. Masters

I Am

I turn myself over like new earth.
Soil new tilled by the plow of this Love.
A hand parts me.
A lightsome buoyant fertility
sprung from the womb of a Stellar Intent
overturns this corpus of condition,
and I am as experienced as the dawn
and running out as the sky
between innocent celestial fingers.

I walk on baby's feet
that bud from the limbs of a Colossus
and ride a Pegasus of Persona
within an Eden of simplicity.
I nourish myself with kisses
that touch the face of a moon
where light falls from an eternal sun.
I am the child of One.

And in the morning of the moment
I give myself over
and turn to face the grass of my being
undoing my flesh like the wind
as green as an unrolled meadow
that is new laid in water.
I pleasure in God
and there run to Her mouth
for the taste of my awakening.


Eric Ashford


All text on this page is Copyright October 5, 2003 by Eric J. Ashford.


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