Earth Angel

Earth Angel
Art by Josephine Wall
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Strange Felicities

Dancing with You
thru the long infinity...
out of this life
into the next life,
infinite lifespans, unending...

You give Yourself
thru Change, Beloved...

Grace of beautiful motion,
Your dancing Body,
enfleshed as this one,
as that one...

Now a gathering of wings
to dance upon currents of air...

So many strange shapes of Your beauty
in the wide & luminous world
-- some, pleasuring the skies
of my meaning, the nights
of my dreaming... a creature made of flowers...
growing in a divine, translucent atmosphere,
a light within a light, glorious treasure of
each blossom of Your loving revealing
a revelling in strange felicities,
amazing & blessing us
in the reality of the dreaming, too...

For we are Your creatures of Dream,
imagining what has never yet come into being...
Your creative extensiveness,
metamorphing the wonder, 
all wonder*full to overflowing

~~wynn manners

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