Angel Lovers

we are divinities,
descended into flesh

we live amidst life's hopes, delights,
the dreaming, the passion, with large aspirations...
& infinity is as near
as falling into your eyes, beloved...

but i fall with wings of my soul taking flight
into the night that becomes Light
as the breathing of your own soul
uplifts my wings unto the stars at their heights

o brightness of the night thru which we soar
to explore the far shores of infinity...
out of the vast darkness
the universe -- in beauty -- emerges

& we are divinities, descended into flesh
to experience the anguished alone
to hear & feel the cries that pierce the heart
to be -- fully -- the heart that is being pierced
the heart that weeps, remembering...
our agonies of soul, to learn, again
the vulnerabilities of the flesh
to weep compassion into us
to feel these deep-souled desires,
these immense yearnings
-- brief gladnesses,
so piquantly poignant in their passing

o these frail precarious days
how sweet they are...
humanized by joy & pain...
to deepen the divine sensitivities
that the bleak alone might be filled
void infilling void
like galaxies interpenetrating
as the universes themselves

           ~~ wynn manners

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