Flame Flower of the Yellow Jizming

Art by Norman E. Masters

We are inseparable...

We are inseparable from Goddess -- at the deepest level.

It is a matter of awakening (from the sleep of time) into direct awareness, intimate commUNION with Her.

There is this overlay of societal/religious illusions of the Old Paradigm (ongoingly propagated around us -- which most of us were *raised* in during those most mind-shaping years of our lives) -- of a very *false* paradigm -- with all its intrinsic (unresolvable) paradoxes.

One gets free of the mental programmings thru deepest compassion, thru the Heart*Speak.

Probably the most difficult way to find Goddess (consciously) is with the full memory intact. Memory is a repeat-loop, with a tendency to be egoic in focus. Memory entraps us into the Old Paradigm -- *prevents* the transformation into the new. Memory keeps pulling us *back* -- resurrecting the old into the forefront-of-consciousness in the *now*.

Thus, day-to-day *forgetfulness* can be one of the greatest of Her blessings. For then we can sing & celebrate the wonder of *now*. All becomes *new* again!

In the forgetting we can rediscover *Her* -- the Entranceway to the Freedom, the Joy which is holy, the Rapture which is numinous, all-illuminous.

That (deepest within us) which is of foreverness is a dewdrop of light -- an eternally living cell of *Her* Spiritual Body. And that microcosmic holy-of-holies, that innermost purity -- connects directly with and reflects the Larger Whole. This is how we *know* -- from deepest within.

In that sacred space, in that Depth, one is bathed in the Waters of Life, one is awash with the Feeling of Goddess -- & one recognizes one's inseparability from Her.

Her Love is a radiant light-bath, purifying away the ego-contaminants that occlude the clear-*see*ing.

31.III.2002 Easter Day

~~ wynn manners

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