Eye Ascent Light Penetrance

Eye Ascent Light Penetrance
Art by Norman E. Masters

One Child of Us Both

Beloved, heart to heart in the unearthed bed of night,
I have laid down inside your body moving like a lover.
These love dreams are signs of my awakening in You--
a birthing of light from the womb of a great Poetry
that is written as an infinite thread of gold between the stars.
A love sutra only God sings to Her unborn.
Yet, which of us is as pregnant as the full moon?
Where will this light open into Your womb?

The cervix of heaven is dilated and saturated with promise.
A momentous abundance of being
I can feel it welling outwards as the love child of our union.
You are the sweetheart before the heart of sweetness has ripened,
before the juice has flooded. You are the nectar of the Beloved
pouring into the hollow of my soul.
And this "my" soul is nothing more than a cup
you have placed upon Your lips for a fleeting moment.
When a soul's only longing is to be drunk,
you sip slowly the liquor of surrender until Your belly
is full like the moon in the heart.

Yet, for now--for but a while--I must enter You
and You enter me, making waves in the dark fluid of this passion.
This loving is an involvement of cosmic collisions,
each shock-wave a spasm of bliss that will break the waters
of a divine issue that seals my heart forever inside Your desire.
I grasp the forms of every penetration and pulse of Your life
and bleed out the shadows of my covering.
And when I cover You, my Beloved, You cover me
with Your One heart beating so close
that I am the swooning of a tiny mote of fire;
engulfed in the tender Ocean of Your seduction.
Heart to heart we bind and loose this love affair
until only One heart rises as the child of us both.


Eric Ashford


All text on this page is Copyright February 19, 2003 by Eric J. Ashford.


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