Flesh Flower

Flesh Flower
Art by Norman E. Masters

Your Web of
Infinite Fineness

Such a web of infinite fineness...
these infinite layerings
of the Veiling of You...

& i, a part of Your Veiling
soul-fibers of living light, intermeshed
with soul-fibers of others
disguise Your mystical Darkness, Beloved...

Seeds grow in the mesh of our interlinkings;
& our enlacement beautifies the portal
to Your mystic enchantment, hidden *in*side each seed
(seed of *us*, too) -- we, Your enhancement.

Let Your Mystery dilate for me
that i enter You all-lovingly...

Enlaced within each other, You insideme,
i insideYou -- such intimacy!
like flowerpetals&dew, like leaves&vines
quivering each other,
vines intertwinging/ intertwining
in the Garden of our Love...
rosettes of leaves like yoni petals...
as the flower of our loveheart opens,
revealing our center,
fragrancing everywhere,
this very*here*...

~~wynn manners

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