Sophia In Stars 2, art by Norman E. Masters

the mystery of existence

allures so awesomely
that Wisdom be borne
of all that awe

are we soul in a body
or body in a soul?

does soul
differ from spirit?

are we holy water
in a holy vessel?

does mind
till the wind?

do we become
the judgment we cast?

does desire swallow us
into demeaning our own soul?

to purify
the heart?

what *are*
the roots of evil?

Mystery behind
the face of Mystery
gazes upon Mystery
o so mysteriously
wonderingly manifest

thru all the ways of Truth

& the Spirit that abides
plays music
upon the heartstrings
of the soul's deepest longings

songs of Peace
songs of Love
songs of Hope
songs of Light

in the eternal shining

                             ~~ wynn manners

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