Mystique Psychedelicate

Mystique Psychedelicate
Art by Norman E. Masters

You WhirlWing me in...

i am a pupil in the Eye of Infinity -- an emptiness in You, a passage *for* Your Light...

Whirlwing me in... in... in to Your Aye that smiles the rebirth of divinity
inthru each holy hologram of You... Your lila of the crystal-visioned moment...
concentrating Vision into sheer intensity of distillation of Your Essence
into refined consciousness, delicately sensitive, sensuously implicate/ explicate
dancing harmony in rhythmic gestures where eyes are winking in Your *hands*!

You whirlwing me into Your ecstasies
& i am your glance of *challenge*
light*spark!ing from laughing eYes...

o Love, i would jizm all over, all thru your Sacred Body of Because
-- enfleshed into this matrix of a universal mesh
all wonder-filled, so diversely strange...

i would be the inweaving of Your robe of light
titillating, tantalizingly, your Body of Cause, caressing
Your nurturing glories, perking to spurt the Milk of the Cosmos.

i would be dancing in your cleft of becoming, awhirl with new worlds birthing therefrom...
& tickling Your tongue to speak Your Wisdom, flittering as a heart*whisper in Your ear,
savoring, forever, all the flavors & fragrance bedewing & aroma*ing Your chalice of Love.

*Come* for me, Beloved... come *in*to me with Your awesomeness
& i will come into You, gladly, madly, whimsically and winsomely,
& so delicately, a paean of praise upon my tongue,
awe-struck before Your naked splendors bared for this full-sharing,
o numinous caring, living grace of Your Presence, divinely sublime!

~~wynn manners

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