Chalice of Birth of Souls

Chalice of Birth of Souls
Art by Norman E. Masters

Companions of the Heart

Spiritual friends gather together to blend the honey of God more sweetly. They open a vessel of nectar to refine and prepare this nourishment, by fasting from their own taste. To perfume hunger with the flavor of reception. This sharing of the heart's honey, turns a raw meal into a wedding feast. The Beloved consumes them as one, to be their love.

Such gatherings are family affairs. A persuasion of faiths, that is their household of understanding. They speak in the tongues of diverse songs, yet become the translation of each other. They allow that any prayer that opens in the mouth of sweetness, is their own voice returning from a foreign journey.

The Beloved travels in the soul worlds, to sojourn at the campfires of lovers. She pours out a wine that quenches each thirst, mulled from herbs that have grown in many gardens. This drinking of each other unfolds a rose of awareness that is recognized by each as their own. What is gathered together in want, becomes a sufficiency in every portion.

Such a congress is a light that burns the lampshade of difference. Such a company is a gathering of moths to a flame seen as One. Yet each person must leave this circle as the savor of unity to salt the earth, and replenish the store of his own reality within it. God commands Her travelers to move out again like this. In Her mysterious way, that each one be read as the idiom of the path.

We are the commune of this Love.
Delivered together in the guise of lovers.
The host flowers in the gathering
populating this garden of appearance
with one bloom.
Every feather flocked
on an eagle's wing.
A company of sparrows
in the sky bird of truth.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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