Inner Worlds Within Worlds

Inner Worlds Within Worlds
Art by Norman E. Masters

The Divine As An Eternal Child

B. wrote:

"Why this particular process? If Mind has always been, is infinite, why the necessity for this 'game' we call the Universe? Why the Cosmic Body, the Other, why the pluriform of individuality and specialization within the Body? Why differentiation? Why the media of the organism? What's the point? Experimentation? A learning process?"

Alan Watts has indicated it's the Divine playing a game of Hide & Seek. "Get lost!" "Now go *find* Yourself!"

Amidst the infinite eternitudes -- What To Do?!

Is the Divine to be self-satisfied, for all Eternity -- at the Height of heights, in the Pleroma of Light, doing nothing more, in effect, than basking in He/r effulgence, "Oh Glory Glory Glory, such a GLORIOUS and PERFECT All-Being I AM!" Wouldn't such get to be kinda narcissic, even for the Ultimate, after awhile?

How long is contemplating our *own* navel -- however *perfect* a belly-button it might be! -- an activity of genuine ongoing *interest*? Good God/dess! -- just for a piece of belly-button lint to add a little *change* to the Scene!

So the Divine (very understandably) decided to try Something New -- for if things continued to stay so boring, might as well go to Sleep for all Eternity!

So the Living Divine Energy *particulates* into matter, to deepen the potential Discovery...

Beyond experimentation & a learning process, the Divine unleashes its own creative potential thereby. How can any entity truly *know* what it can *do* until it begins *doing* so?!

COULD the Divine have truly experienced/known/grown/graced Compassion until there were entities to be compassionate FOR? What *need* to be compassionate for only it's own Endless Glory?

IF the Divine became flesh (as Jesus Christ ) (& i would say the Divine enfleshed itself as ALL of us, everything that exists in the Cosmos) it is thru *this* that the Divine learned *humility* (and humiliation!). IF humility is good for *us* to learn -- it is good for the Divine to learn, too!

Why this "Creation" (so-called) (i believe it more Divine EMANATION or at least Divine GENERATION, like a Mother giving birth to the Cosmos & all Life in it, personally) of flesh, with pain... disease... loss... mortality...?

To mine owne view this is *not* the "curse" that the speculations of the human author of "Genesis" made it out to be. There is a considerably deeper Divine Wisdom behind the pain & mortality than the notion that it's "punishment" from a pissed-off God for "disobedience." (Eating of "the fruits" from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?! What's wrong with *that*? Isn't it *desireable* to know the difference between "good" & "evil" -- or is perceiving that difference, ITSELF, a "fall" in consciousness? But if the latter -- God -- or the gods -- were already fallen Himself/themselves to have *known* the difference! At any rate, religion, itself, has been feeding its believers the "fruits" of "The Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil" for as long as religion has existed -- so let us *praise* Eve for being the *first* to seek to learn to discern -- since religion has followed in her footsteps, ever since!)

Pretending that the story of the angels -- in The Book Of Enoch -- has some level of genuine Truth-content to it -- WHY did those angels CHOOSE to leave the Heavenly Kingdom to marry the "daughters of men" -- begetting children, raising families, begetting civilization (thru metallurgy, etc...)?

Was it *only* the desire for (*shisper-whisper*) (*sex*)?!

Or -- to the Broader View, not locked into old paradigms -- why does the Living Divine incarnate into multi-flesh?

There is a range of sensitivity, aesthetic nuances, emotional nuances & depths of experiencing that beings of Pure Light, alone, DO NOT EXPERIENCE! Just to see a sunrise -- thru human eyes, the birth of a child -- to truly *wonder* at the stars -- to seek the profoundest meanings of the deepest Mysteries... one must become *flesh* to do this -- & *forget* the Pleroma of the Heights... to re-remember -- & discover it *all over* again!

The Divine has *learned* humility, thru BECOMING humanity... And mercy... And love... And deepest sensitivity...

The Divine could not have learned to LIVE such depths of compassion & love without DYING -- thru *all* of us, thru every living being graced with mortality... It keeps the Larger Divine deeply sensitized...

The Divine gets *lost* to He/r Larger Self into all these individualistic egos... but that sense of separation, deprivation, that innermost *yearning* for -- what? -- *intensifies* the reawakening, the *discovery!*, the loving...

There is far more awesome wonderment thru the microcosm of human eyes than is possible thru All-Knowing, All-Seeing Cosmic Eyes... Thus the Divine particulates as humans -- for wonderment, for Sur!prise! Surprise is part of the *fun*! (What sur!prises are possible for omniscience?!)

How is any entity to be *aware* of ecstasy or of bliss, of a wild sense of liberation, without having experienced the opposites, too?

God/dess could not most-deeply *know* God/dess*Self *except* thru such emanations/extensions/pseudopods/divine cells/individualistically mirroring reflective living eyes as *ourselves* -- & every *other* lifeform of awareness that exists. (Ahhhh! to see thru the multi-facets of a fly's eyes!)

For me, Sri Aurobindo has said it best, in "Thoughts & Glimpses" :

"What is God afterall? An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden.

"The universe is....the delight of a Self-lover, the play of a Child, the endless self-multiplication of a Poet intoxicated with the rapture of His own power of endless creation.

"...the Supreme...we should speak of Him as if He were a lover, a musician of universal and particular harmonies, a child, a poet...

"If Idea embracing Force begot the worlds, Delight of Being begot the Idea. Because the Infinite conceived an innumerable delight in itself, therefore worlds and universes came into existence.

"Consciousness of being and Delight of being are the first parents. Also, they are the last transcendence.

"Unconsciousness is only an intermediate swoon of the conscious or its obscure sleep; pain and self-extinction are only delight of being running away from itself in order to find itself elsewhere or otherwise.

"Delight of being is not limited in Time; it is without end or beginning. God comes out from one form of things only to enter into another."

Let us be most fullsomely living in the *deLIGHT* that is limitless, & timeless, living the loving & loving the living thereof,

~~winsomely yours, truly...

~~ wynn manners

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