Blue Abstract

Blue Abstract
Art by Norman E. Masters

Knowing Her

Does She tease you?
Will She please you?
Can full measure 
of Her pleasure 
ever be known to you?

She has the Keys
to the Treasuries of Light!

Does She flee from you?
Then *pursue* Her!

Does Wisdom hide, demurely,
obscurely, behind Her veil?
Then lift Her veil
& see, more clearly,
what is dancing in Her eyes!

She will *surprise* you!
She is *daring*!

Take what She gifts you;
is it not intriguing?
Swallow it
into your internitudes.

The transformation may be troubling
but the change will gladden your life.

And you will find a place
in Her Immensitude.

Great will be 
your gratitude
in the beatitude
of knowing Her
most intimately!

~~wynn manners
March 6, 2001

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