Dear Childe,

You come from the Heart of Life, itself -- & it is in
your heart that you must grow to come to know
Life's fullness...

Life is a garden, green... & each sensitive awareness
is a blossoming of the divine Mystery into flesh...

You will come to know the aching distance between lives
... & you must reach out to bridge it -- as best you can --
again & again & again's again... A passing touch, a
warm smile can make a dreary day worth the while... like
sunbeams gleaming thru a cloudy sky -- or all the colors
of the rainbow arching a covenant across the firmament
of time... a moment sublime... sacramentalizing with a
fleeting glimpse of Eternity...

"All who come into the world like a drop of the light
... I wakened it, namely, that drop that was sent from
Sophia, so that it might bear much fruit through me,
and be perfected... Your roots are in
the boundless things."

                    --Jesus Christ

"The Sophia of Jesus Christ"



You are human and vulnerable. Your vulnerability is a
blessing -- for invulnerability begets insensitivity. But
vulnerability means pain... and pain is a difficult

If you learn to become more sensitive, more understanding,
more compassionate-for-others, more loving -- from each
occurrence of pain -- you will grow to fulfill your
optimum potentiality.

If you learn lessons of fear, hate, jealousy, vengeance
from the occurrences of pain in your life, you will
stunt your own fullest potential & most potent growth;
you will beget evil -- upon yourself & others -- therefrom.
& you will beget for yourself an ego-centered inner
hell, the roiling inner torment you condemn yourself to.

"There is no sin, but it is you who make sin..."

                    --Jesus Christ

"The Gospel of Mary"

From the moment of your birth precious gifts have been
given to you -- by the Giver of All -- graced to your
internity. Purity, integrity, wonderment, curiosity,
insight are among these gifts. Never lose that
inner-most purity -- it is the Key to the paradisical.
Don't sell that integrity -- whatever you are offered for it;
never-sold, it is priceless; once bought -- it is worthless.

May your wonderment be bright-eyed forever, your
curiosity boundless & your insight -- visionary.




You have been borne into unbounded space and boundless
time -- with an Eternity ahead of you to explore a divine
Infinity. Your nativity is from the Womb of Love. Love
is your Mother, Love is your Father, Love is your
innermost essence.

Loved Ones will winkle out of this life (much as You
winkled in!) & on into the Next One. Their departure
(sometimes so sudden) may leave you in the embrace of
writhing shadows of loss, haunted by torn shreds of
nightmare... As with all other pain, you must GROW
thru it... This is the pain that grows you the furthest
-- if you allow it to -- & thus the Deeper Wisdom of

"Come from the non-appearing things to the completion
of those that are revealed, and She, the effluence of
thought, will reveal to you how the belief in those
things that are not revealed was found in those that
are revealed, those that belong to the Unbegotten
Father. Whoever has an ear to hear, let him hear."

                    --Jesus Christ

"The Sophia of Jesus Christ"



Seekers of Immortality,

Mortal flesh and transitory mind are generally blind to
death's secret mercy. Death is but the Hidden Face of
the Divine. It is not punishment; it is necessity -- for
the sake of the GROWTH of the living.

Death forces us closer to the Heart of the Divine than
any other experience -- towards attunement, at-ONE-ment.

There is no escaping that Ultimate Embrace, that Supreme
Climax to all temporal living. Fear it not. It is but
transition, the blink-of-sleep before awakening from a
dream -- into the Larger (more awesome) Reality... seeing
thru new childe-eyes...

Jesus said, "When you see your likeness, you rejoice.
But when you see your images which came into being before
you, and which neither die nor become manifest, how much
you will have to bear." --Loggia 84

His disciples said to Him, "When will the repose of the
dead come about, and when will the new world come?" He
said to them, "What you look forward to has already
come, but you do not recognize it." --Loggia 5l

                    --Jesus Christ

"The Gospel According To Thomas"



Your heart's fondest desire will be for the ultimate
divine truths from which birth the immeasureably
beatific, the consummating commUNION, the parousia of
the pleroma.

Measure your wealth in True Friendships. No thief can
plunder this heart's treasure store! Measure your
wealth as each moment of Bliss -- fused in divine
commUNION with the LOVE that has birthed the Universe
-- and You. Know H/er deepest Mysteries, for S/he
transcends all concepts of the defining mind...

Learn wisdom. Value wisdom. Live wisdom -- most wisely!
Wisdom lives a life of tolerance, compassion, of depth
& breadth of understanding. Wisdom -- like love -- is
patient, long-suffering & kind...

"I, therefore, the perfect Pronoia of the all, changed
myself into my seed, for I existed first, going on
every road. For I am the richness of the light; I am
the remembrance of the pleroma."


--"Trimorphic Protennoia"




You are here to love & be loved. Let your love know no
boundaries. Softly, sensitively, gently, delicately
explore each nuance of divine love, enfleshed into this
intricate mesh of life...

Seek the highest thresholds of consciousness & pass on
thru to feed upon the Living Light -- in the eucharist of
the Children of the Divine.

And when you feel -- immeasureably -- that irresistible
affinity for Divinity -- ascend with neither regret nor
hestitation into the starry fields of that boundless

"I am a single one since I am undefiled. I am the
Mother of the Voice, speaking in many ways, completing
the All. It is in me that knowledge dwells, the
knowledge of things everlasting. It is I who speak
within every creature and I was known by the All. It
is I who lift up the Sound of the Voice to the ears of
those who have known me, that is, the Sons of the Light.

"...It is through me that the Voice originated and it
is I who put the breath within my own. And I cast into
them the eternally holy Spirit and I ascended and
entered my Light."


--"Trimorphic Protennoia"

                                                   ~~~ Norea St. John

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