Art by Unknown

~ Slumber ~

Child Sleeping Dreams the sky as red blood and pearlshells Crimson, aqua~ a holy canvas for her to paint Many colors, many teachers. She alights towards Beauty Painting her joy earnestly. Light streaming a trail behind her She dances upon the winds. The Dove Spirit of Peace and Eagle of Wisdom Guide her journey~ But even they can't keep up with this Bright Daughter. She swirls the Spirit Oneness that embraces and leads her Into the limitless heights and greatest mystery. Why is Heaven following These small child~angels guarding and comforting her? Who showed her how to Queen-Light the skyline Like Astarte or Magdalene? What is the big secret? What is the great revelation? Did Goddess birth herself upon the earth Then erase Her own name? I do not know where She is~ But Goddess deemed me worthy to dream Her ~I hear Her call~ She walks my dreams and I hold this sweet baby Ever so briefly. We rest beside the Still Waters Of Eternity and Everything. She blesses me with Her smile. Even Silence And Nothingness Love Her deeply. She sits quietly here Rebirthing the aeons Refabricating Creation Playing in the Sands of Wisdom. Is She now aware of her own deity? Will I ever meet Her face to face? This child's thoughts fuel the World Soul. Her Body is The Holy Grail. Her life is the Light Cross. Treasure Beauty Soul Light Resting In a small child.

~Rita Adan
Copyright 10/22/06

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