Moth Of Darkness

Art by Norman E. Masters


Paranoia stands beside our own mind
     beside ourselves, in full distraction
     so full, in fact, that we see ourselves
          set apart from our world-home
     a false second self
          set aside from whole-self.

This division from the garden of delights
     cut off and held off by the angel's two edged sword-
such a division, such an exile is our own choice
     not that of either an angel or a god.

We choose this division
     bind ourselves outside our garden-home
such a binding shackles freedom.

And here, a sadness beyond all telling:
     once enslaved, we love our bonds
     find comfort in being bound
     fear freedom in our hearts
          even as we praise it with our lips.

~ ~ ~

paranoia > para [beside] + noia [mind]
distraction >dis [two] + trahe [to pull]
= to be pulled into two division > di [two] + vision = double vision garden of delights > Paradisus Voluptas

Frank John Culley

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