Soul Love

Soul Love
Art by Jean Delville, 1900


The sky is darkest night, the moon dipping low upon Heart's sanctuary. The Goddess is drunk on the wine of Her lover's longing. She dances in the meadow of passion, barest, yearning, trembling to complete Her lover. The moon longs to caress her dancing limbs; The stars leap each other to garner her gaze! But She sees only Her Lover~ who sees only Her. This One cries Her name to the heavens agonizing for reunion~ Bless the Beloveds! The Bride who trembles to be longed for and entered, The One who sighs the breath of longing From the most hidden, sacred tender place within~ She drops Her veil and She lets Her Lover enter Her Holiness merging 'two as One' mixing Holy Necter with Passion's Cup crying out a pledge of Love. Eternity watches quietly, reverently recording, spinning the Wheel of Time grinning with delight as The Lovers spasm into Unity, searing the fabric of beingness that connects us All, interweaving each heart together.

~Rita Adan
Copyright 7/29/06

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