Music Of The Heart

Music Of The Heart
Art by Norman E. Masters

To Be Your Song...


What is *any* of us but a living melody of Your Loving Spirit,
fountaining forth into time? -- enfleshed to feel, most exquisitely,
every love of our lives a riff in this melody, a verse in Your divine song...
remembrance of our ultimate self, Your recurrent chorus -- between lives...

Does this loving melody that we are yearn for all bright promises fulfilled?
Does it go tremulo in its eternal quest for that ultimate quivering
tone of rapturous apotheosis, infinite in final meaning in You?

To *be* Your song is to but long to go on & on in Your singing...
Silence, too, is restful... but ever this song seeks to rise, again,
thru the fountain of the heart, uplifting the heart, with a fragrance
of purity, like flowerbuds tilt-opening to the lilt of the rising sun.


~~wynn manners

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