Crystal Lattice Sine 77

Crystal Lattice Sine 77
Art by Norman E. Masters

Living Mystery, Light Eternal

"Or we may find when all the rest has failed
Hid in ourselves the key of perfect change."

-- Sri Aurobindo, Savitri

Within each of us is the Essence of all essences.
It is more a matter of: how do we tap
the innermost within? we, ourselves, a veiling
of that Living Mystery, unseen... but dimly intuited.

We know You must *be*, Beloved, that Being even be,
Light Eternal, essence of being, impetus of becoming...

You are the living link Who inweaves all Being;
as living stars You are open, glowing, strong,
an organic radiance that *is* the divine fire of life.
We harbor Your fire within our own sacred life-flamings,
Your Light fueling our lives.

Infinitely complex tissues transmute Your essential fire
as Your divine breath breathes our being,
as Your intelligence animates our very flesh...

~~wynn manners

[Then on Dec. 22nd, i started reading a book where this was written:]

"This impossible endeavor (for us) is not impossible for the Great Executrix who has led the evolutionary play to this crucial turning point. It is She who can. We just have to seize her secret springs, or rather, let Her seize hold of us and collaborate in our own evolution by having an intimate understading of the Great Process. None of the spiritual virtues and athletics of the old closed system will be of any use. What is needed is a sort of radical leap, fully conscious and with eyes wide open, a very childlike surrender to the gods of the future, an iron resolve to track the momentous Illusion down to the smallest recesses, a supreme opening to the supreme Possibility -- which will lift us up in Her arms and will carry us upon Her sunlit road even before we are satisfied of having taken a quarter of a step toward Her. For indeed 'there are moments when the Spirit moves among men..., there are others when it retires and men are left to act in the strength or the weakness of their own egoism. The first are periods when even a little effort produces great results and changes destiny.'

"We are just at that moment."

--Satprem, pg. 14, On The Way To Supermanhood;
the quotation at the end is taken from Sri Aurobindo, The Hour Of God


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