Angelic Peace

Psalm of Peace

Peace is the passage begun
Peace is the poem unwritten
Peace is the song unsung
Peace is a night of light
Peace is the meditative passage
that unlocks the secrets of your soul.
Peace is your growth within, radiating out.
Peace is a mesh of all the auras of Love, circle-joyned

Peace is a message of uttermost simplicity; & its chances, now, of
spontaneous development are renewed upon the path to true inner freedom.
(These truths can be verified in the quietude of beatitude.)

For the sake of peace, open the door to a variety of friendships.
For the sake of peace be dedicated to serve the highest aspirations.
For peace to grow (in your heart & soul) the old restrictions &
hampering patterns of thought must be left behind.
Become conscious of a renewed intensity to hope's
highest-in-god*essliness aspirations,
unhampered by established tradition,
unrestricted by artificial barriers.

Peace flows-into-touch from an inward glow of lovejoy's friendship.
Peace is the awesome gift that joytouches deep into lives of humility.

Peace is the Path of Perfection
& peace will halo your life's blossoming
with a tender love.

For the sake of peace -- LOVE!

For the sake of peace, resolve to begin, to try, to guide, to teach, to
build, to create, using all your talents, all your resources,
all-vision -- weaving, uplifting, organizing -- for peace.

Peace is a gain achieved only when your fullest resources
are devoted towards a metamorphosis.

Peace is the path of hope, humbly courting all hearts
with clear perception, a true awareness of the possible,
thru progressive change, coupled-with a flow
of illumination -- within & without
-- fountaining wonder.

We are human, & we are vulnerable to change.
Change begets still new problems, & it is difficult
to understand how we will eventually overcome them.
Chances of spontaneous development are
possible/potential -- but are they probable?

Most true development takes extensive work-that-is-play, energy's
activated effort. And there's a time limit to how long we'll be alive,
o crysalis mortality, dedicated to our highest aspirations, sometimes
in quest of quiet wonder, & special joys, renewed...

Peace is the threshold of a dream, a hallowed space.
Peace is a fundamental continuity of the miraculous.

Peace is the fragrance of the soul of vision.

Peace is within the heart & radiates a gestalt of silence.

Peace is the breath of the celestial incarnated into human awareness,
living, breathing, aware, sensitive.

Peace is the outgrowth of optimum intelligence & understanding.

Peace, beyond hope, is an ideal at the edge of vision, singing, singing
your need to union, o sweet completeness, wholly com*union*...

Peace is an opportunity -- touching our mind/heart/souls like recurrent
breath's caress, infolding us heart into heart into heart-centre-core as
we stand at the threshold of a hallowed place --

                                          love's shrine.

Peace is known by the radiant heart of wonder; peace reveals perfect
growth in a life, radiating vision & value; peace comes of living a life
of optimum balance. The perfect person is a person of peace.

Peace is sensitive beyond hope -- assimilating diversity to stimulate
something new... creating... synergizing... re-energizing...

The doorway to peace is compromise.
The path to peace requires tolerance.
Windows to peace: loving eYES, radiant heart.

Envisage infinite continuity.

Peace is the perfection attained from living a true
philosophy of the fundamental wisdom of Love.

The Secret of Life is the humility of an inward consciousness of faith
which loves & loves & loves, unceasingly -- from the
spiritual core of Light's perfect Peace.

                                                          -- Namaste'

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