Light Star

Light Star
Art by Norman E. Masters


The heart of humanity is a vortex of creation. It is our wonder and our resurrection. This destiny is not written in the stars, for it is our honor to be starlight, and our kismet is to choose which star we shall be. The astronomy of the soul is the chart of spirit, that makes of us the gaze of God in the soul of a universe of light we are given to explore. We are the connection of meaning to creation, for the cosmos of all possibility is birthed within.

These connections are not to God, for we hold within us all that God can be. Man is the seed within the womb that God has opened as his heart. In this way, God opens Self in man and woman, to be the geometry of divinity. The old way of sexual greed that seeks to despoil and grasp the shadow of love from neediness is passing. In this age of new becoming, humanity shall be truly born into woman, not merely from her, and woman shall truly be the flowering of man. This new union is an ancient root that love planted in the world, and now the vine of this awakening has begun to conjoin, and fasten the two together, beyond the polarities of a hungry difference.

For yet a little while, the old connections that bound this mirror world to fear shall seem to linger on. Yet the earth of this ancient garden, that has been prepared within the consciousness of love, is now full, and the harvest of that love is at hand. The age of religion is passing, as does one season into another. The fruits of the awakened ones have been eaten by the honey eaters, and the nourishment assimilated or rejected. Those that have not translated themselves in the way of holiness, must return to the shadow worlds of their own choosing. Those that are stirred by new connections shall become the fruit of love itself.

Humanity is a star rising within this love. Our journey now is within each other, as we relate to the ardor of our sacred connections. We begin to wonder at this transpiring cosmos as it gathers together every mystery, to appear as a coherence of synchronicity that combines each soul together to dance beyond fate to infinite certainty. For the children of this age, the stones shall speak and the air sing of their becoming of age. A new light has appeared in the heart of man, it is brought to him by love's awakening, that he see himself as none other than this love.

Love shall be our journey into a space that is always inward to God. The heavens shall be created again at the heart of this awareness, and we shall travel as the vessels of each other.

A Christ child turns the wheel of liberation
within the sacred lodging of love's awareness.
The innocent one, holds the convergence
of heaven and earth in one luminous ray.
Reflecting in infinite facets
the burnished heart, for the soul remembrance.
Rest in silence with this child
She will take you by the hand
through the curtain of time to your eternal home.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001
by Eric J. Ashford.


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