Angel In Gold

Angel In Gold
Art by Norman E. Masters

In the Brightness
of Her Shining

Enter the brightness of Her shining;
become as transparent gold mingling with Her fiery light
& *shine* in Her Light, in Her beauty...

When Her beauty shines upon you, radiates thru you,
radiates from *within* you -- how it transfigures
all that you do! Your living becomes beautiful in Her,
for you become a transparency for the streaming
of Her Light from the Eternal World, radiant in-thru,
soul's essence a fountain song of delight in Her Light.

Because She sang the angels into being from Her Light
their own Essential Being *is* Light itself;
& Her Light is their Life.
From Her Light comes their vigor.
In Her Light is their joy,
the very nectar of their lightsomeness.

Like the angels, themselves, let Her Light be
the very sap of your own being,
a light*streaming thru your every thought,
spirit's savory sustenance...

~~wynn manners

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