Let There Be Light 3

Let There Be Light 3
Art by Norman E. Masters

Divine Singers, Awonder

Shekhina of the Heights -- from the canticle of Your lightsomeness
the very angels came into being, singing their joy in You...
as living cells of Living Divinity...
Joy! joy! joy!ing in their joyning
in the forevermore of Your blessed Light, all-blissing...

Divine singers awonder upon tremulous wings, brightly illumined
from within Your Light outflowing, all-knowing, borne of beauty,
purity, grace, a-wing in the LightSea of Your divine Being,
Mother of the All, so sweetly enchanting us with
Your tender smile, Your delicate touch, Your loving gaze...

It is a dream-come-true for any soul
to enter your cosmic ocean of light,
your pleroma of the heights, translated into Your vibrant existence
to bathe in Your fullsomeness, stirring so deeply, so intensely,
uplifting, strengthening, quickening -- o blazing wonder!

To dance our joy before You, aflight,
golden-winged, with angel-faces adoring, in Your Light,
heart full & overflowing with rapt adoration
is the aspiration of all Your children come Home...

~~norea st. john
January 24, 2003

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