Dark Study

Dark Study
Art by Norman E. Masters

Endless Mystique

My star of the inner Who is Wisdom
shining in every infinite internity
at One with the Sea of Divinity,
Sea of Eternity
Shekhina as the shining innermost
of every soul --
thus to *know* our souls, most deeply,
most intimately, most inwardly,
is for the Divine to know the Divine Shekhina.

Stars beyond had I, to be the shining thereof
Set free was I as evolutional creation itself
before the bubble of forever namelessness
was defined as the becoming God
and how could God become, except in *we*?

Intimacy with Infinity is to go into 
the Light Who is Bride Who is She
to Whom God, Himself goes, for consolation
-- into the Unknown Mystery of Her
wherein is the Divine's deepest delight,
the depths of Her unknowable
to add endless mystique to the discovering
-- for what could be more *boring*
than to know everything, forever?

Thus the Unknown of Her became the Bride 
& the bridge to consolation for *Him*.

To know Her is to experience some kind of Eternity...
She is the Mystic Reality *behind* all that is known...
beyond gnosis, itself, She *is*...

Escaping the Biblical rage Whose living laughter
was gentle on the lips of the God only spoken of
as Breath of *Her*! -- & in merging with Her lips,
*becoming* Her... deep, deep within Her went God
like a rainbow of secrets in the sweet inner fragrance of Her,
*becoming* Her, ecstasying within the Eternity of Her,
Breath of Her Speaking, less been as always be
into the bridge of *us!* as sparks of Her...

For God must know each of us -- simultaneously, momentously,
to *begin* to know the depths & breadths of *Her*!

~~wynn manners
July 9, 2005

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