Into The Pleroma

Into the Pleroma of Light

o Heavens!
that we are alive inside This!

how unutterably beautiful
these piercing radiances
these emanations of God*desshead
depth upon depth shining
height upon height radiating
wonder upon wonder emancipating
our throbbing ecstasies
in the vastness & beauty
of this transparent illumination
elixir of eternity, effervescencing,
outside & inside us, simultaneously

o luminously near
taking on new & intenser reality, here,
all the glories of your perfect Living Thoughts,
Mother Ennoia of Light,
converging about us
interpenetrating us

in numinous wonder
we enter your transcendent fire,
all-glorious Father Alaha,
shining so brilliantly,
glowing so marvellously
ever-holy in such vastitudes of beauty

o immortal beauty of the Light,
Logos of parousial delight -- we feel your subtle fluid streaming
intensely thru us
as the essence of forever
& we are blessed to be gathered
unto the Heavenly Be*ing
in this Eternal Light,
to behold -- in perfect joy
Your Supreme Face of Light
inthru the Lumin*Deeps, Shekhina*Alaha!

for you *are* Our Eternity
& we shine from the root
of your heart of flame
as radiant beams of emanation
from the transcendent fire
of y*our God*desshood's own Being

& the field of Your starry infinity
is the tapestry of eternity

                                  ~~ Norea St. John

"Father of All, Ennoia of the Light,
dwelling in the heights above [...]

"It is Norea who cries out to them [...]

"And she began to speak with the words of Life,
and [she] remained in the presence of the Exalted One,
possessing that which she had received
before the world came into being [...]
"There will be days when she will behold the Pleroma,
and she will not be in deficiency [...]"

~~from The Thought of Norea

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